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Ferni Recipe, make a delightful Persian soft dessert

Ferni is a popular Iranian dessert. This dessert is a lot like Indian food, kheer or Phrini, except that in Iranian recipes, instead of using broken rice it rice flour is used for the preparation. Ferni has a very soft texture, and Persian people use this soft dessert for breaking their fasts in Ramadan. In fact, it is the best choice for Iftar tables in Iran. The taste is so attractive and delightful that many people love this rice pudding. Also, since Ferni is a soft dish cooked for kids, it is very easy to digest for

Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi recipe, a Persian special dish for Nowruz

Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi is a special and important Persian dish served on Nowruz. Nowruz is the Persian new year, and it is the first day of spring, around the third week of March. Persian People celebrate the beginning of the new year and serve various traditional dishes such as Reshteh Polo, Sabzi Polo, and Kuku Sabzi. Ancient Iranians believed that they should eat a green dish on the night of the new year because they considered the herbs in the dish to be a symbol of abundance and blessedness of life, and they believed

Morgh-e Torsh ,unique recipe that you have never seen anywhere

Morgh-e Torsh is one of the most delicious and popular dishes in provinces north of Iran along the Caspian Sea, such as Gilan. Morgh-e Torsh is a wonderful combination of herbs, walnut and chicken. In northern provinces, local fragrant herbs are used to prepare this flavorful dish. These herbs are only found in Gilan. But we can use available herbs like mint, parsley, coriander, and basil. If you have never tried to make this Iranian sour chicken stew, you can see a wonderful recipe in Cookery Magazine. ingredients

Baslogh recipe, tasty Persian walnut pastry swirl

Baslogh is a traditional and old Persian dessert that is very popular among Iranian people. In addition to serving this tasty pastry as a dessert, you can also eat it as a simple sweet with tea. Baslogh is usually prepared for special occasions such as Nowruz (Persian new year) or Yalda Night .if you have never tried to make Baslogh, you can see a wonderful recipe in Cookery Magazine. ingredients sugar1 cupWalnut100 grmWheat starch 1/2 cupwater1/5 cup Butter

Ghanbar polo Recipe, The forgotten delicacy of Shiraz

Ghanbar polo is one of the original and traditional dishes of Shiraz, whose original name is said to be "Ghambar polo", in Persian language the word "gham" refers to something sadness and the whole word "ghambar" means something that remove your sadness, now people of shiraz call it ghambar Because it is so delicious and tasty that by eating it, you will forget your sadness! Ghanbar polo is served in ceremonies and special occasions. This pilaf(rice) mixed with small minced meat balls with a mild taste will make a wonderful

Meygoo polo recipe, a fantastic mixture of rice, herbs and shrimp

Meygoo polo is a flavorful seafood from southern provinces such as Hormozgan and Bushehr, located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. If you are a fan of seafood, I suggest Meygoo Polo. This is nourishing food because shrimp contains phosphorus, Omega-3 and protein. Meygoo polo combines rice, herbs, shrimp and hot spices. The people of southern Iran love spicy foods and use hot spices in most of their dishes. Follow Cookery Magazine for how to prepare this flavored seafood. ingredients Shelled and cleaned

Ranginak Recipe, make a Persian nutritious date dessert in 6 step

Ranginak is one of the most nutritious and delicious Persian desserts with a simple recipe. This dessert has a lot of energy because it is made of date, flour and walnut. This Persian date dessert is especially popular during Ramadan, the fasting month. Ranginak is originally from the Southern provinces of Iran, such as Hormozgan and Bushehr. If you don’t have enough time and want to try a delicious dessert, we suggest it. In Cookery Magazine, we share the simple recipe for this nutritious dessert. ingredients

Gheymeh Nesar Recipe, The most delicious and colorful food from northwest Iran, Qazvin!

Gheymeh Nesar is a traditional and aristocratic food of Qazvin. If you were a guest in the city of Qazvin and your host made Gheymeh Nesar for you; Be sure you are very dear to him. This delicious food, contrary to its name, is not made of split peas and is a kind of dish mixed with pieces of meat and various kinds of nuts. This is the reason why some people confuse the recognition Gheymeh Nesar with Morasa polo. I will tell you how to cook this cuisine in cookery magazine. Gheymeh Nesar ingredients Lamb and

Shirin polo recipe, Have a wedding for your rice

Shirin polo, also commonly known as Persian wedding rice or Rosh Hashanah rice. Shirin polo is one of the old and popular pilaf dishes in Iran, especially Shiraz; according to some sources, Shirin polo dish are also served in Azerbaijan too, and one of the colorful components of the table in wedding celebrations or large parties; which is made in different cities of the country with different recipes. Its preparation is not more difficult than other rice dishes, but high-quality ingredients must be used. Orange peel,

Akbar Joojeh Recipe, Different taste of chicken

Akbar joojeh is a familiar name for travelers who have traveled to the north of Iran, but is Akbar joojeh the name of a food or a restaurant? In answer to this question, it should be said that Akbar joojeh is the name of the food, the name of the cook and the restaurant. The story of the creation of Akbar joojeh is as follows: a young man with a thin body named "Ali Akbar Kalbadinejad" with his wife set up a coffee house in a rented place in Galugah, which was next to the intercity road. In order to earn income in

Reshteh Polo Recipe, delicious Noodle in Iranian style Reshteh Polo

Reshteh polo is one of the most authentic Iranian dishes with a historical background. In the old days, women used to prepare these noodles (reshteh) in different thicknesses (for different purposes) at home. Certainly, the food quality was much higher than today's Reshteh Polo (Persian Noodle Rice).  In some areas (especially Tabriz), this food is cooked as the dinner of the last Wednesday before Nowruz (Chaharshanbe Suri), And some others believe this food should serve at the night of the new year; in addition to the

Halim (Haleem) Recipe, Make a Nutritious Persian Breakfast

Halim (Haleem) is a traditional dish in the Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia. The main ingredients of Halim is wheat and meat. This delightful food varies from region to region and has different recipes. Still, the original of this traditional dish which is different from other recipes is an ancient Iranian dish served with wheat, meat, cinnamon and sugar that remains popular in Iran to this day. This favorite meal is usually served as breakfast. It is also a special dish prepared during Ramadan and Muharram

Sohan Recipe, A Persian sweet and tasty candy

Sohan is one of the tasty and traditional Persian sweet. This yummy toffee candy is prepared differently in most cities of Iran. But it is originally from Qom, one of the central provinces of Iran and is one of this city's famous souvenirs.the history of this crunchy and delicious candy goes back to the Qajar Dynasty. in that time, Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar traveled to Qom, and people entertained him with Halwa Qomi he analogized it to a rasp (Sohan in English means rasp). In Cookery Magazine, we share an easy and quick

Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh Recipe, a fantastic combination of Persian Barberry rice and chicken

Zereshk Polo Ba Morgh or Persian rice with chicken is a delicious and classic Persian cuisine. This popular dish is used in special ceremonies such as weddings or funerals. You can't find a person who does not like this dish. Zereshk Polo ba Morgh is made of rice, chicken, barberry, and saffron. Stay with us in this article from the Cookery Magazine to get to know this dish completely and simply. Chicken(Morgh), Rice(Polo) and Zereshk are the 3main ingredients of this beloved cuisine. The secret of preparing

Torshi Anbe Recipe, have a unique table by Persian Mango pickle

Torshi is a favourite Iranian seasoning. Travelling to Iran, you will see almost every Iranian table with this delicious seasoning. But what is Torshi? It is a sour condiment made by putting fruits and vegetables in vinegar. This article shares the recipe for Torshi Anbe (Mango Pickle). This condiment is originally from the south of Iran, such as Hormozgan, Bushehr, khoozestan. Torshi Anbe has a sour and very spicy taste because people in the south of Iran love spicy flavours, which are pleasant for them. Follow the

Faloodeh recipe, Flavorful Persian dessert

Faloodeh is an ancient Persian dessert. It is granite made of rice noodles, rose water, lime juice, and cherry syrup. This cold dessert is the best choice for hot summer days and a thirst quencher. Faloodeh is originally from Shiraz and Kerman, but you can find this popular cold dessert in all cities of Iran. This dessert contains some rice noodles that you can find it in the Asian section of your grocery store. And also you can make rice noodles at home. The recipe to make noodles is brought in this article. Follow the

Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche, a Perfect mixture of Rice with Broad Beans & Lamb Shank

Baghali polo Ba Mahiche is one of the traditional and popular Iranian dishes that is prepared for special occasions, such as weddings. In Farsi polo means a combination of rice with other ingredients like Adas polo, Havij polo, zereshk polo. Baghali Polo is a combination of lamb shank, rice, dill and broad beans and can also be prepared with chicken. In  Cookery magazine you can see the complete step by step preparation of this delicious dish, here we show you the easiest way to prepare this dish. Ingredients for Baghali

Joojeh kabab Recipe, the popular Persian chicken kebab

Joojeh kabab (Persian chicken kebab) is one of the delicious dishes in Iran. It is one of the most famous Iranian dishes that is served at parties and is made to be prepared quickly since we can prepare the ingredients before and this dish is very popular in picnics. Actually Iranian People loves different kind of kebab such as Kabab sini, Ground beef kabab and Joojeh kabab is one of the best among them. In Cookery Magazine we will try to share with you the simple and quick way to prepare this delicious dish. Joojeh

Ghalieh Mahi Recipe | Hot Southern Iranian fish

Ghalieh Mahi is one of the most delicious and popular dishes in south of Iran. Actually south of Iran due to nearness to sea has lots of amazingly delicious recipes for cooking fish. This southern dish is a combination of fish, fragrant vegetables, and southern spices. To prepare this Iranian dish are used southern fish such as Sangsar, Mahmour because these kinds of fish have a consistent and uniform texture and are not crushed in the stew (you use any fish with these properties). follow Cookery Magazine to see how to

Majoon Recipe | Iranian Healthy Milkshake with delicious nuts

Majoon is a Popular Persian dessert which beside its heaven like taste, is nourishing and healthy. But If you are on diet, Majoon due to its high calorie is not a good option for you otherwise enjoy this amazingly delicious dessert. Actually Majoon look likes a shake or smoothie full of toasted nuts. This dessert is very easy to make and we will share a complete and original recipe of Majoon in Cookery Magazine. Ingredients Milk2 cupsVanilla Ice cream500 gramswalnut2 tablespoonsHazelnuts2 tablespoonsHoney2

Sosis Bandari Recipe, An Amazing Fast Food From South of Iran

Sosis Bandari or Persian sausage and onion sandwich is a traditional fast food from south of Iran. Original recipe includes fragrant sausage, onion, key spices and rich tomato sauce. But some may add potato, bell pepper and mushroom, too. Being hot is one of the most important exclusivity of this sandwich. Sosis Bandari is a street food and I suggest you to try it with this perfect recipe we share with you in Cookery Magagazine. Sosis Bandari Ingredients Sausage (beef hot dog)about 4-6 (12 ounces)Onion3 medium

Sabzi Khordan & Naan-o Paneer-o Sabzi, The Ultimate Revelation Of Sabzi Khordan

Sabzi Khordan is considered as salad besides most of the dishes in Iran. Sabzi means herbs and khordan means eating. As you herbs is healthy and highly suggested by doctors and coaches to have it on your diet. Sabzi Khordan includes herbs spearmint, basil, cilantro, flat-leaf parsley, tarragon, dill, chives, marjoram. Each of these fresh herbs has their own special properties. You may only mix these herb leaves and serve it along with a great Iranian main course such as Koofteh Tabrizi, Mirza Ghasemi, etc. Or serve it as

Yalda Night Food list, Spend Shabe Yalda with fascinating foods

Yalda means “birth”, and Yalda night refers to the longest night of the year. Yalda Night or Shabe Yalda (Shabe Chelle) is one of the most important ancient annual festival which Iranian people around the world celebrate it on December 21 which is the last night of autumn and first night of winter. On Yalda Night, They always gather together in groups of family or friends in grandparents houses to read poems specially Hafez, make good wishes for each other and also to eat nuts, fruits and special foods. If you are

Shole zard recipe, Persian delightful dessert

Shole zard is a traditional Persian dessert which is also called Persian saffron rice pudding made by rice and saffron. In Iran, people serve this special dessert on special days such as Ramadan for Eftar. Also they distribute among their neighbors as Nazri for free. Shole zard is not hard to cook with this recipe that I share with you in Cookery Magazine. Persian saffron rice pudding has a very light and delicate texture so I suggest you to try it. Shole zard ingredients for 4 people Rice1 cupBrewed Saffron1

Abdoogh Khiyar Recipe, Persian cold soup with yogurt for summer

Abdoogh Khiyar is a fast Persian soup made of cucumber and Doogh (Read the Doogh recipe here). This easy soup must become a global soup. This Persian soup is a nourishing soup for hot days in summer. It will be a meal and also Sufficient water to the body. you can make it when you don’t have enough time for cooking. In Cookery Magazine, I will tell you the traditional Abdoogh Khiyar recipe. Abdoogh Khiyar ingredients: Yogurt250 gramsDoogh or cold water1 literCucumber3Ground walnut100 gramsRaisin(optional)50 gramsDried

Adasi Recipe, a Complete breakfast with Persian lentil soup

Each country has its own special breakfast menu and Adasi is a traditional breakfast in Iran. The main ingredient in Adasi is lentil which makes it taste like heaven, besides it’s nutritious. Also this can be a light meal for dinner or lunch. You may cook Adasi with mushroom, potato or other ingredients but I will tell you a perfect and fast recipe to prepare it in Cookery Magazine. Adasi Ingredients Lentil2/5 cupsPotato1 largeOnion 1 largeWhite flour1 tablespoonOlive oil3 tablespoonsTomato paste 1

Shirazi Salad Recipe, Make tasty salad in 5 minutes

Shirazi Salad is a popular and traditional salad in Iran. You can make Shirazi salad in a short time. also It's perfect option to replace other salads such as Greek salad. Shiraz is city in Iran and the birth place of this salad but People all over Iran serve Shirazi salad besides their main course. In this article of Cookery Magazine, you learn to prepare this salad for 4 people. Let's do it! Ingredients of Shirazi salad Cucumber 3 largeTomato1onion2 largesalt and Pepperas neededverjuice3 - 4 tablespoondried

Adas polo Recipe, Persian lentil and rice

Adas Polo is a Persian Polo. One the most popular and consumption ingredient for cooking food. Iranian people use rice mostly in 2 ways, one cooked rice with Khoresht such as Khoresht Karafs, Khoresht Beh, …. as sauces ,the other one is rice mixed different beans which called Polo like Albaloo Polo, Havij Polo, … . In this article of Cookery Magazine, I will tell you a perfect recipe of Adas Polo which is made of rice and lentil. Adas Polo is really delicious and is made in Iran for their cultural Isalamic ceremonies as

Borani Esfenaj Recipe, a special flavored Persian spinach yogurt dip

Borane Esfenaj is a great Persian dish. Actually Borani is a mixture of a vegetable and yogurt. Iranian people serve Borani along their main dishes. But I think Borani is a perfect and healthy snack specially with pita chips. You can make Borani with different ingredients such as eggplants, pumpkin, beetroot٫ spinach and so on. In this article of Cookery Magazine, we will learn to cook Borani with spinach. Persian Spinach dip is the most delicious and popular one due to its flavor and texture. Also as you know

Mash polo Recipe, a great mixture of rice and mung bean

If you’re looking for a nutritious but easy to cook food, I definitely recommend you Mash Polo. Mash Polo is a traditional Iranian food which can be cooked with different ingredients. The main ingredients in Mash Polo are rice and mung bean. This Special dish is full of Calcium, Ferrum and other vitamins. This cuisine is like Adas Polo (rice with lentils) and Havij Polo. In this article of Cookery Magazine, we will learn to cook Mash Polo through a few steps together. Mash Polo Ingredients Rice2 cupsMung

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