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Bamiyeh recipe | Persian Bamieh or Tulumba, delicious Persian sweet in 11 steps

Bamiyeh is one of the sweets of the Middle East. It is also known as tulumba (its Turkish name) in many countries because this dessert originated in the cuisine of the Levant from the Ottoman Empire and remains in the former empire's regions. Stay with the Cookery Magazine to learn more about this original sweet's rich history and delicious recipe. Ingredients for making Bamiyeh Flour1 cup (200 grams)Water1 cup (250-300 cc)Egg3 pcsSolid oil or butter50 grams*Inverted sugar syrup

Pashmak recipe | Persian cotton candy or fairy floss, amazing and delicious soft Iranian sweet in 5 steps

Pashmak is a sweet and delicious junk food with many fans and is one of the ancient Iranian sweets used in some religious ceremonies and happy rituals. Pashmak is obtained using simple materials, and its texture is in the form of thin strings and fibers in pink, white, yellow, brown, etc., colors that melt in the mouth quickly. We are adding the essential oils of fruits, coffee, cocoa, and saffron to the sugar used in the production of pashmak,By adding colored materials to white cotton candies, colored or colorful

Persian macaroni recipe, Delicious Persian style spaghetti or reshteh farangi and the love story behind the origin of macaroni in 12 steps

Persian macaroni is one of the most popular foods in Iran, and is known as an international food all over the world. We have brought to you in the Cookery Magazine Everything you want to know about the history of Persian macaroni in Iran and all over the world, from its ingredients till its cooking, . Have you heard anything about the history of Persian macaroni? When it comes to the story of the origin of macaroni, some people say that you have to walk in Italian restaurants to hear its story, but we say let's travel

Masghati recipe | Persian saffron and rosewater sweet, Ceremonial tasty sweet in just 4 steps

Masghati is fresh, fragrant, bright, and perfect Iranian sweet. Masghati from Lar, the authentic one and is one of the popular sweets and souvenirs of Lar City, which has gained many fans day by day inside and outside the country. One of the most important things to do when traveling to Fars province is to buy authentic Lari Masghati. But if you want to prepare this original halva at home, you can be with the Cookery Magazine. Ingredients for making Masghati Starch 1 cupWater7 cupsSugar3 cupsConfectionary butter or

Jalebi recipe | Zoolbia, Preparing Zoolbia at home in a confectionery style in 9 steps

Jalebi or Zoolbia is a completely different and separate sweet from Bamiyeh (Bamieh), which is another sweet, but usually, these two sweets are bought and eaten together. Along with these two sweets, the combination of gooshfil is also used. But where did these sweets come from and when were they eaten together, is a really amazing questions we answer in the rest of the text in the Cookery Magazine. Ingredients for making Jalebi syrup Sugar2 ⭐️glasses (or cup)Brewed saffron 1 tablespoonRose water ¼ glassWater1.5

Strawberry Jam recipe | Moraba Tootfarangi, Delicious Iranian fresh homemade jam in 8 steps

Strawberry Jam is one of the most delicious and popular jams around the world, which is usually served as breakfast like other jams. This delicious jam is a seasonal jam, and it is better to make it in spring and summer when local strawberries are available in the markets. Of course, you can also make this beautiful jam with strawberries from the greenhouse, but the quality of strawberry jam with local strawberries is much higher, making the jam not only have a better flavor and color but also more beautiful.

Halva ardeh recipe | Persian Sesame Tahini Halva, an Amazing Iranian vegan dessert in 6 steps

Halva ardeh is in many historical texts and works left by different peoples; sesame seeds are known as one of the oldest plant seeds that have many nutritional and therapeutic uses. Halva ardeh is one of the few sesame products that has a brief history of its preparation and production. In the following, we will introduce Halva ardeh in full, and then we will talk about the history and cooking recipe of this sesame product in the Cookery Magazine. Ingredients for making Halva ardeh Confectionery powdered milk

Sir torshi recipe | Pickled Garlic, amazing Persian Pickle in just 8 steps

Sir torshi is a type of pickle that is prepared by putting dry garlic in vinegar. This mixture is ready for use after at least six months, and the longer it is prepared, the better it becomes, so its quality is related to its age, and seven-year-old seer torshi is of high quality. Join us to make an amazing sir torshi that will last for up to 7 years stay with the Cookery Magazine. Ingredients for making Sir torshi Garlic1 kg⭐️VinegarAs much as neededSalt 1 teaspoonPomegranate paste (as desired)3 tablespoonsPalm

Moraba Shahtoot recipe | Mulberry jam , delicious Iranian jam just in 3 steps

Moraba Shahtoot or Mulberry jam Do you want to find a suitable answer about what to eat for breakfast? Or what should I make from the list of delicious jams?; You should stay with us until the end of this article. Undoubtedly, in the following, you will see the best way to prepare Shahtoot jam because it does not take much time to prepare Mulberry jam using the method of the Cookery Magazine website. Ingredients for making Mulberry jam BlackBerry2 kgSugar1.5 kgLemon juice2 teaspoonsRose water (as

Borani bademjan recipe | mast bademjan or Eggplant Salad with Yoghurt, an amazing Persian appetizer in 6 steps

Borani bademjan is one of the delicious northern Iran seasonings served with food, and the taste and smell of grilled eggplant and garlic will blow your mind. And as we all know, northerners are famous for their delicious food. You can't eat appetizers, condiments, and delicious northern dishes and not fall in love with them. Borani bademjan is one of the traditional Iranian dishes served as an appetizer. To see this recipe, stay with the Cookery Magazine website. Ingredients for making Borani bademjan

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