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Nargesi recipe | Persian spinach and eggs omelet,

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Nargesi is one of the traditional foods or appetizers of Iran. This dish is specific to South Khorasan and Mazandaran, which were introduced to other parts of Iran from these cities. In Mazandaran, this dish is called Beshte Wash.

The exact history of Persian spinach and eggs is unknown, but it can be said that the cooking of this dish goes back many years and more than 100 years.

Nargesi is an Iranian dish made with eggs and spinach, and it got its name because of the similarity of its colors (yellow, white, and sometimes green) to the Narges flower (Narcissus); be with the Cookery Magazine to get know better Persian spinach and eggs omelet and cook it in its best way.

Ingredients for making Nargesi

Spinach500 grams
Onion2 pcs
Egg4 pcs
Garlic4 cloves
Salt and black pepperAs much as needed
Turmeric (or Cinnamon) and liquid oil (or butter)As much as needed

Recipe for making Persian spinach and eggs

The first step

Wash spinach for nargesi

To prepare this delicious dish, first clean and wash the spinach and chop them. Then, pour it into a pot.

Close the pot and let the spinach cook for 15 minutes on low heat and steam well until the water of the spinach runs out. You don’t need to add water to cook spinach.

chopped spinach for persian spinach egg omelet

The second step in making Persian spinach and eggs

While the spinach is cooking, cut the onion into slices in another dish and fry it in oil until it becomes soft and light.

Then grate the garlic, add it to the onion, and fry again until the garlic gets soft.

caramelized onions with garlic

After the onion and garlic are fried, add the cooked spinach and fry for about 15 minutes. After roasting, add salt, pepper, and turmeric to the ingredients.

The third step

Again, we spread the spinach evenly in the pan; at the end, break the eggs on the spinach and let the eggs cook with low heat.

The fourth step in preparing Persian spinach and eggs

Spinach narcissus (nargesi esfenaj or Persian spinach and eggs) is prepared, and you can enjoy this simple and delicious dish with rice, Mast O Musir (Persian Shallot Yogurt Dip), or bread.

nargesi Persian spinach and eggs

Golden tips for having the best Persian spinach and eggs

  • Ensure that the onions are completely chopped and fried well to give an excellent taste to the food.
  • This dish is usually served with bread.
  • In Ramadan, it is a suitable food for breaking the fast.
  • You can stir the egg in this dish. (This type of cooking is tasteful.)
  • You can add some walnuts to this dish.
  • This dish can be suitable as an appetizer.
  • Persian spinach and egg omelets are eaten with vegetables.
nargesi espinach
  • Chop the spinach with a sharp knife to preserve its vitamins, and try not to chop the spinach too tiny and finely.
  • Close the pot’s lid while roasting spinach to preserve its vitamins.
  • Add salt to the food at the last stage of cooking so that the iodine in the salt is not lost.
  • Spinach leaves are a rich source of vitamins B3, C, and A, as well as iron and potassium.

The properties of spinach include:

  • Relieving constipation.
  • Helping to lose weight.
  • Helping to digest food.
  • Preventing some cancers.
  • Reducing blood cholesterol and strengthening the nerves.
  • Due to oxalate’s presence, spinach is unsuitable for people with arthritis and kidney and bladder stones.
  • Spinach is a rich source of beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A) and folic acid and can provide a large amount of vitamin A needed by the body.
  • This food, having eggs, can play an important role in providing the protein the body needs.
  • In order to get enough vitamin C, you can use fresh orange or lemon juice or eat vegetables and salad with food.
chives persian omelette with espinach

Different types of nargesi and the fascinating world of Persian spinach and egg omelet

There are different types of Persian spinach and egg omelets: green bean, eggplant, bean nargesi, and the most famous of these nargesi is Persian spinach and egg omelet. This dish is very similar to a spinach omelet.
The main base of nargesi is spinach, but you can prepare and cook it with pumpkin, potato, eggplant, and pomegranate paste.

Spinach narcissus with rice

Classic espinach omelet

In preparing delicious spinach narcissus with rice, in addition to the ingredients you will need in simple spinach narcissus, you must also add rice to these ingredients.

In this preparation, rice should be mixed with sauteed spinach and slowly cooked in a larger container with other ingredients.

For information on how to cook this dish, refer to how to prepare spinach narcissus with rice.

Nargesi with saffron

nargesi mazandaran

In the preparation of spinach narcissus with Nagorno Qrvt in a northern way, it is enough to add Nagorno Qrvt or verjuice to the mixture prepared for Persian spinach and egg omelet.

After roasting the garlic and onion with spinach, mix the verjuice and Nagorno Qrvt with this mixture.

Nargesi with minced meat

This spinach Nargesi can be served with both bread and rice. At the same time, it is so complete and nutritious that it can provide energy for a day at work, school, and university as a spinach narcissus sandwich with minced meat.

It is easy to cook but eliminates the smell of meat in this dish.

How to prepare Nargesi with split peas

As it is clear from this dish’s name, the split peas should be used to prepare this omelet. But split peas are not the only new ingredient in this dish, and Rice will also come with split peas to delight you with a new Nargesi.

How to prepare Nargesi with potatoes

Nargesi will surprise you with any ingredient. This dish will be a top-rated meal or snack for potato lovers.

How to prepare Nargesi with pomegranate paste

Nargesi with pomegranate paste has a sour-sweet taste. Of course, if your pomegranate paste is sweet, the final taste will also change. This spinach nargesi can be used as a complete meal because it contains all the flavors.

Nargesi recipe | Persian spinach and eggs omelet

Recipe by Fatemeh BanialiCourse: AppetizersCuisine: Persian foodDifficulty: Easy

2 – 3

Prep time


Cooking time





Persian spinach and eggs is an Iranian dish with eggs, fried onion, and spinach. It’s flavored with salt, garlic, and pepper. Its name, Narges, indicates the Narcissus flower. It is a type of spinach omelet popular for breakfast.


  • Espinach, 500 grms

  • Eggs, 2 pcs

  • Medium size onion, 1 piece

  • Liquid oil, 3 tablespoon

  • Salt and black pepper, As much as needed

  • Cinnamon or turmeric, As much as needed

Directions of Persian spinach and eggs

  • Clean and wash the spinach and chop it.
  • We put them in the pot, put them on the gas flame, and put them in it until it is steamed well, And the spinach juice is finished.
  • Chop the onion, put it in the pan, and fry it with oil.
  • Then add chopped spinach to hot onion and spices and fry again. (about 15 minutes)
  • Again, we spread the spinach evenly in the pan and break the eggs one by one on the spinach so that it cooks and hardens with a gentle flame.
  • Finally, sprinkle some saffron or cinnamon on the closed eggs to decorate.
  • Usually, the food is ready 10 minutes after pouring the eggs.


We hope you were satisfied with Nargesi’s training. By reading this recipe, you can easily prepare a healthy meal full of healthy vegetables.

We suggest you study how to prepare various types of food with eggs and spinach. Please share your comment and experience with us.

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