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Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche, a Perfect mixture of Rice with Broad Beans & Lamb Shank

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Baghali polo Ba Mahiche is one of the traditional and popular Iranian dishes that is prepared for special occasions, such as weddings. In Farsi polo means a combination of rice with other ingredients like Adas polo, Havij polo, zereshk polo. Baghali Polo is a combination of lamb shank, rice, dill and broad beans and can also be prepared with chicken. In  Cookery magazine you can see the complete step by step preparation of this delicious dish, here we show you the easiest way to prepare this dish.

Ingredients for Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche

slamb shanks 2
 rice 4 unit
broad bean 2 unit
onion 2 medium size
dried dill 4 units
brewed saffron 4 Tablespoon
cardamom powder 1 teaspoon
cinnamon powder 1 teaspoon
butter  50 gram
salt as needed
pepper as needed
Turmeric as needed
oil as needed


Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche Recipe

First step: to prepare Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche, first soak the rice for a few hours; as you know, soaking rice in water and salt makes it tastier and brews better.

Second step: chop two onions and fry them in oil until soft and golden. Then put the Mahiche (lamb shanks) in the pot and fry them with the fried onions.

cooking Mahiche

Third step: now add some pepper, turmeric, and brewed saffron to the pot and stir, then add enough boiling water to cover the Mahiche (lamb shanks).

Fourth step: put the pot’s lid and reduce the flame. Let it cook for 2 hours, as the Mahiche should cook gradually. When the Mahiche is soft, add salt, and let them cook for another half hour. After cooking the  Mahiche (lamb shanks), turn off the flame.

Fifth step: fill the pot with water and put it on high heat; after boiling, add salt and rice.

Sixth step: let the rice cook for 5 minutes,  and then add the broad beans. When the rice and broad beans are cooked, drain the water and add cold water to prevent the rice from sticking together, and let it cool.

Rice with Broad Beans & Lamb Shank

seventh step: put the pot on the flame, add oil to it. You can use sliced potatoes for the bottum of the rice (Tahdig)

Eighth step: now put the rice in the pot, add dried dill, cardamom powder, cinnamon powder and stir. Then add some butter to make it taste better. cover the pot and put it on medium heat until you see steam, then reduce the heat for 30 minutes.

Lamb Shank

When the rice is cooked, mix a little bit of it by brewed saffron. We can serve the rice in a platter and garnish it with saffron rice and Tahdig. and also serve Mahiche (shanks) in another bowl . I hope you enjoyed to making Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche. Share this simple and fast recipe with your friends.

Frequently asked question

Can we make Baghali polo with chicken?

Yeah we can make Baghali polo with chicken, turkey meat. In some cities in Iran it made with fish

How to make Baghali polo?

It is made of rice, meat ( lamb shank, chicken, fish), dill, broad beans

  1. Joe says

    I’m a huge fan of Persian cuisine, and this Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche recipe did not disappoint! The lamb shank was so tender, and the rice with broad beans and dill was a delightful accompaniment. I have a question about the Tahdig, mine didn’t turn out as crispy as I would have liked. Do you have any tips for achieving the perfect Tahdig?

    1. Mia says

      Dear joe;
      Thank you for sharing your experience with us please share it with your friends too to have this amazing experience.
      For having amazing tahdig and use tahdig in every food and knowing about their tricks please read our Tahdig Recipe article, tahdig is not specify just for Iranian foods or foods with rice Joe, you can have it in every food you want

  2. hasan says

    Hi Cookery Magazine,
    I made this food last night, and it was a hit with my family! The flavors were rich and the dish was very filling. I have a question about the broad beans – can I use frozen broad beans instead of fresh? If so, should I adjust the cooking time or method in any way to accommodate for the frozen beans?

    1. Mia says

      Hey Dear Hasan (اهلاً بِکُم یا حبیبی) …
      Yes, you can definitely use frozen beans, usually most Iranians also use frozen packages such as beans, corn, etc.

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