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Main Course

The main course or main meal is a major food that is served as a major and main food in a meal with several types of food.

In America and Canada, it may be called entrĆ©e. The main course is usually the heaviest, most popular, most complex, or, by volume, the most considerable portion on a menu.Ā 

The main course ingredient is usually meat, fish, or another source of protein. Before the main course, an appetizer, soup, or salad is usually served, followed by a dessert. That is why the main dish is sometimes called “meat meal.”

The main course of Iranian people is mostly food with rice, and most Iranians like it that way.

It should be noted that stews are considered among the main dishes of Iranians, and Iranian people prepare them very skillfully, likeĀ Ghormeh sabziĀ andĀ khoresh gheymeh.

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