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Afghanistan has a so-called gateway position. In fact, after the Himalayan mountain ranges, it is the first land that leads to the Indian Ocean. 

When I saw the cuisine of the countries around Afghanistan, it occurred to me that the composition and ingredients are from all the surrounding civilizations. 

Because my major is anthropology, I know that Afghanistan is very mixed in terms of people, and there are all kinds of races in it. If they manage and have politics, they will be a good country.

I saw a movie about that famous tourist who said that it is a country with a lot of diversity in terms of race.

Various traditions in the art of Afghan cooking form an integral part of the deep-rooted hospitality of the Afghan people. 

Food is a tool to show people’s spiritual characteristics, way of life, and customs of respectability, neighborliness, and selflessness.

When you travel to Afghanistan, you will be surprised by the variety of diets that you will see in their programs.

The traditional foods of this country are rooted in their culture and are a symbol of geographical and, of course, ethnic diversity. It is better to know that there are different types of food in Afghan cuisine.

This makes it easy for people with different food tastes to come together and discuss it. 

Cereals, legumes, meat and other ingredients are used to cook the various foods found in Afghanistan, and all these ingredients add to its food diversity.

Remember that the countries of Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have many common foods, and you can easily enjoy the taste of the food cooked in these countries.

The reason for the popularity of Afghan food & cuisine

The famous Afghan food is very popular with the people of this country, neighboring regions, and even the world due to its taste and correct and principled cooking method.

Popular drinks of Afghanistan

Two of the most popular drinks in Afghanistan are Afghan Sheer chai and doogh, which are made from yogurt, mint, salt, and rose water.

Five most popular Afghani dishes

1. Kabuli polo

Kabuli polo, better known by locals as Qabili Palau, is a traditional Afghani dish that is a mixture of steamed rice and lamb, enhanced by the addition of raisins, carrots, and a range of sweet spices.

2. Ashak

Ashak, which is also known as Afghanistan’s kofte tare and onion, is a dish that, as the name suggests, is made from kofte.¬†

The best thing about this dish is that the meatballs are without cheese and meat and are mainly cooked with vegetables and used as a filling in the meatballs themselves. You can also eat this dish with tomato sauce and dry mint.

3. Bolani

Bolani is a traditional street food in Afghanistan made from dough filled with meat, seafood, vegetables, pumpkin, or potato. 

Bolani is often served as a side dish with the main dish and is known to be rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins. 

It’s great as a snack if you’re looking for a light meal.

4. Haft Mewa (Seven fruits)

A famous Afghan food, Haft Mewa, is a symbolic fruit salad for locals. Despite its easy recipe, Haft Mewa is a very important dish often used in Nowruz celebrations. 

The main recipe of this dish is prepared from dried fruits and nuts mixed in a bowl. This dish uses common types of dried fruits: raisins, hazelnuts, apricots, almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts. 

This is a healthy dish you can enjoy in Afghanistan if you want a high-energy meal with fewer calories.

5. Mantu 

Mantu is one of the most popular dishes in Afghanistan. This food is in the form of small meat dumplings. Mento is filled with minced meat and then steamed until cooked. 

Eating mantu with yogurt, tomato sauce, or sour cheese called Qorut is better. Another good thing about this dish is that it’s a healthy snack because it’s low in oil and gluten-free.


As you have seen, many local dishes are served in Afghanistan, each with its unique taste. 

If you travel to this country, visit its local restaurants and enjoy the taste of these local dishes, but if you cannot travel to this country, we have prepared the best recipes for you to prepare these dishes at home as much as possible. Enjoy a restaurant serving.

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