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Sohan asali | Honey, almond and saffron caramels, delicious Persian sweet which is on the top 10 Iranian desserts you have to try in just 6 steps

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Sohan asali is considered one of the most attractive and popular sweet snacks and junk food. 

Those interested in Eid (new year) sweets If they prepare it at home, they will surely think of delicious honey sauce as a suitable option.

Sohan Asali is one of the main foundations of Iranian dining tables during Nowruz Eid and Yalda Night, and among the nutty and traditional sweets for Nowruz Eid, Sohan Asali, which is actually a type of nut candy, is very popular. 

sohan asali

Interestingly, this popular sweet is easy to prepare, and the necessary ingredients are often available in our Iranian homes. Follow TheĀ Cookery MagazineĀ with everything you need to know about this type of Sohan and find your answer of “How to cook sohan asali”.

Sohan Asali is a souvenir of Isfahan and one of the traditional Iranian sweets. 

Sohan Asali of Isfahan is registered in the list of intangible national heritage of Iran. This delicious sweet is similar to Isfahan pulki (poolaki) and is usually served with hot drinks like tea.

It should be noted that according to the ingredients used in this type of sweet, it can be considered nutritious, but despite this, it is very high in calories, and one should be very careful in its consumption.

Ingredients for making Sohan asali

Nuts1 cup
Sugar1 cup
Honey1 tablespoon
Butter50 grams
Brewed saffron1 tablespoon

*Usually, many people use slivered almonds and pistachios as nuts.

Recipe for making Sohan asali

The first step

First, we put a suitable pan on low heat on the oven, then add sugar to the pan and fry continuously until the sugar melts and the color becomes caramel. After the color of the sugar becomes caramel, we add honey.

The second step

Now we fry the ingredients slowly until it turns golden. After the color of the sugar and honey mixture becomes golden, we add the butter, and after the butter is mixed with the ingredients, we add the brewed saffron and mix with the other ingredients.

The third step

The important thing in preparing sohan asali is patience; the ingredients should be roasted gently so they don’t burn.
Because if the sugar burns, the taste of our sohan asali will be ruined. Now we add the nuts that we want to be placed between the sohan asali.

Honey almond and saffron caramels sohan asali

The fourth step

We can use sesame, cashews, almonds, pistachios, etc. After adding the nuts, we stir the ingredients until they are uniform, then we cover the inside of a suitable tray with aluminum foil.

The fifth step

Now we take the ingredients with a spoon and pour them into the tray with proper distance and space.
Another point is that the ingredients should not be stirred too much after adding the nuts.

The sixth step

Stirring the ingredients too much after adding nuts will cause our ingredients to lose oil, and we will not have a good sohan asali at the end of the work.
After putting all the ingredients in the tray, we wait until it cools down completely, then we collect it and store it in a dry and cool place.

Golden tips for having the best Honey, almond and saffron caramels

Persian Sohan Asali
Sohan Asali isfahan
Sohan Asali irani
  • Sohan Asali can be made in different flavors. Actually, saffron sohan asali is the most common type. 

Still, you can add some grated orange peel and also some orange juice to have an orange sohan asali or use sour lemon and prepare lemon Honey, almond and saffron caramels.Ā 

So everyone can use different flavorings according to their creativity and taste. Liquids should be added at the end of the work.)

  • To ensure the consistency of the sauce, it is better to pour some of it in cold water; if it gathers quickly and becomes glassy, it is a sign that the cooking time is sufficient.
  • The cooking time of this type of sohan should last 20 minutes.
sohan asali dish
  • In order for the sohan asali to not harden when pouring the candy into the tray, it is better to place the container on the spreader flame and reduce the heat very low. We only want the ingredients to stay warm.
  • You should not stir the mixture of this pastry too much because it causes the granulated honey and the oil to separate from the sugar. It is enough to do this with patience and low oven flame heat.
  • If the sohan asali is prepared according to the mentioned ingredients, it bakes quickly, and there is no need to grease the tray.
  • This recipe gives you about 400 grams of sohan asali.
  • You can use peanuts or sesame instead of almonds.
  • You can store sohan asali in a closed container in the refrigerator for a month.

Frequently Asked Questions about Honey, almond and saffron caramels

Is Isfahan’s Sohan without sugar?

The main sweetener of Isfahan’s Sohan is honey, but it also has a small percentage of sugar.

Is sohan asali packaged or kilo?

Because Isfahan Sohan asali is very thin, it must be packed.

How long does this Isfahan souvenir last?

Sohan Asali stays fresh for about 4 months.

What is the main difference between sohan and sohan asali?

The main ingredients of sohan are water, wholemeal flour, wheat germ, sugar, oil, and egg yolk, and there are special machines and factory molds to make it. But the main ingredients of Sohan Asali are sugar, honey, and nuts, and its preparation does not require a mold.

Conclusion of Honey, almond and saffron caramels

Isfahan poolaki

Thank you for being with us with this great taste and delicious Isfahani sweets that we mostly have in the early spring days. We would thank you for sharing your experiences with us and sharing your photos with us.
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