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We are The Cookery Magazine. As our name suggests, Cookery Magazine is a source for learning and cooking delicious dishes from different countries and cultures.

We teach you all of these for free, and we include the simplest and the best variety and quality of different recipes for the same food so that you can easily use the tools in your kitchen wherever you are and in the country. Prepare it and drink it.

It is going to be said that in this Online Magazine, we will teach you about the main Persian food, Afghan food, Korean food and other countries’ dishes; we explain all the desserts and pies, sweets, drinks, pickles, jams, main courses, salads, appetizers and other things.

These dates are for you to be sure you understand the subjects, recipes, and everything about that food from A to Z, plus a detailed history of its origin, which we have explained.

The Story of Cookery Magazine:

I am a professional webmaster who always tried to share my experiences in different fields of digital marketing and other relevant fields with users, But I think you have a great interest in trying delicious food like me.

One day I came up with the idea to create a strong, powerful, and reliable media in the field of recipes and put the best information in it so that everyone in the world can use it.

The Cookery Magazine brand was formed in my mind in 2021, and the site was established in 2022.

Our goal and vision:

Cookery Magazine covers the recipes of all countries, and we are determined to turn it into an international culinary reference.

The joy and pleasure of cooking with the best recipes is not something every cook can bring to the real world; we have just seen these scenes in movies and films, but this can’t be honest about Cookery Magazine.

In this regard, we communicate with a professional chef from each country and receive recipes for local and non-native dishes from that country’s culinary experts.

Our team:

All the people who help us in Cookery Magazine and achieve this incredible goal are interested in the world of cooking, delicious and tasty foods, and unique flavours.

We assure you that you will eat your fingers after using Cookery Magazine recipes.

You can contact me via contact formĀ orĀ [email protected]. I will be happy and answer you as soon as possible.

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