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Sambose Recipe, crispy and crunchy Persian Samosa

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Samboseh or Samosa is one of the most attractive fast foods that probably no one will say no to. This crunchy, crispy and flaky pastry is very popular as street food in south Iran, such as Abadan, Bushehr and Hormozgan.

But what is Sambose or Samosa? It is a triangular-shaped flaky pastry filled with spicy potato and aromatic herbs. Also, sometimes it is filled with chicken or minced meat. This fast food originated from the Middle East and Asian countries and is very popular in these regions as a snack, especially in India. In Iran, not only in the south but also everywhere, you can see snack bars that sell Sambose.


Some recipes are used Yufca or Filo dough, but in this recipe, we use Lavash Bread(Persian bread).stay with us to learn the perfect and tasty Sambose recipe in Cookery Magazine.


Potato2 medium size
Cilantro50 grm
Parsley50 gram
Onion2 medium size
Lavash breadas needed
Salt, turmeric, pepperas needed

Preparation filling

put the potatoes with 2 glasses of water and half a teaspoon of salt in a suitable pot and put them on high heat until boiled.

After boiling the potatoes, let them cool down a bit. Then peel and mash them and set them aside.

Chop the onions and fry them in a pan until golden, then add turmeric and stir.

Ā Add the coriander and parsley that we have already chopped. Fry the ingredients every few minutes so they don’t burn; after the herb’s juice has completely evaporated, remove the pan and put it aside.

Add the ingredients to the mashed potatoes. Then mix the desired amount of salt, red and black pepper well.

Persian Sambooseh

Filling the Samosa

Cut the bread into long rectangles. Now, put some of the fillings on one side of the Rectangular bread and fold it in a triangular shape, then keep folding this way until a whole triangle with closed sides is sure to use soft bread. Keep doing this until all the samosas are filled.

rolling Samosa

Frying the Samosa

1-put a pan on the heat, and pour enough oil so the samosas float. The important thing at this stage is to use special frying oil.

2-Put samosa into the pan. When one side gets fried, turn it to the other side. in the same way, fry all samosas. After the samosas are fried, we either place them in a metal net or use a towel to remove excess oil.


Samosa is served with different types of sauce, such as hot sauce, ketchup or mango sauce. Tell us if you have ever cooked, served, or tried this dish. Share your experience with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients of Samosa?

It consists of mashed potato and aromatic herbs, but sometimes chicken or minced meat is used.

What is Sambose or Samosa?

It is a triangular-shaped flaky pastry filled with spicy potato and aromatic herbs. Also, sometimes it is filled with chicken or minced meat.

  1. Jessie Berry says

    Thank you for this excellent recipe for Sambose;
    One of the points that caught my attention was that this dish seems always to have a pair and a kind of twin for itself, and that is falafel or felafel. Did you explain this recipe as well?

    1. Mia says

      Oh Dear jessie thank you for your amazing attention,
      We don’t have this dish at the moment, but it will definitely be available for you and other users to enjoy.

    2. Mia says

      Dear Jessie, hello again
      Since you requested, we have given you a comprehensive recipe for falafel, I hope you will enjoy falafel recipe and making falafel like samosa.
      And it is worth mentioning that this recipe has a special spice that I completely explained it to you.

  2. Sarah Hamilton says

    Hi, thanks for your post
    This Sambose recipe seems like a great snack for a party. How long can these stay crispy after frying? Also, if I were to prepare these in advance, what’s the best way to reheat them while maintaining the crunch?

    1. Mia says

      Hello dear friend…

      It is better to eat the sambose that you take out of the hot oil right away, because if it cools down, it will lose its crispness and crunchiness over time.

      And in answer to your second question, I should say that you should prepare the sambose in advance, keep them in the freezer and fry them when needed.

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