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Afghan Sheer Chai (cardamom tea with milk) recipe

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Afghan Sheer Chai (cardamom tea with milk) is a kind of drink prepared from the combination of tea and milk and has different types in different cultures, which we, the Cookery Magazine group, will explain to you.
Sheer Chai has different types depending on the amount of each of its two main elements, the preparation method, and adding other elements (such as sugar, honey, or salt).

sheer chai recipe

Nowadays, instant Sheer chai (tea milk) powder is a mass-produced product.
Many people like to drink different types of tea because it is relaxing and has many health benefits.
Vitamins, antioxidants, and flavonoids are effective components of this drink that help strengthen the body’s immune system.

Sheer Chai controls blood sugar levels, reduces cell damage, and prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Milk also contains nutrients such as protein, calcium, and potassium, which are vital for body growth and bone health.
But Sheer Chai is made very simply by adding milk to the drink of Sinensis leaves.

Kashmiri tea

This gives a more delicate flavor to this drink and makes it sweeter.
It has long been a popular way to serve the second most popular drink in many parts of the world and a simple way to make a small change.

Many people in different parts of the world, such as India, assumed this combination still tea.

Afghan milk tea

Sheer Chai has many fans in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong.

It is also prepared in hot and cold ways, with various types of milk or other flavorings.

Sheer chai is also popular in neighboring countries such as India and Pakistan but with a slight difference.
In Afghan sheer chai, more milk and less black tea are used, and in India and Pakistan, less milk and black tea are used, which also affects the color of the chai.
Also, Afghans use only cardamom in tea milk for aroma, but in India and Pakistan, they use more cinnamon, ginger, and a very small amount of cloves.

Tips you should know about sheer chai consumption!

  1. Anxiety: Despite activating brain cells to create relaxation, consuming large amounts of this drink will cause brain imbalance and eventually anxiety;
  2. Insomnia: You always know that consuming too much caffeine aggravates sleep disorders. Especially if black tea is used in this combination and you drink it at night;
  3. Oily pimples: One of tea milk’s most obvious side effects is pimples on the face and skin. Of course, if enough is consumed, It helps to detoxify the body, chemical balance, and eventually prevent the appearance of pimples;
  4. Constipation: There is a chemical substance called theophylline in the product of Sinensis shrub, which, if you drink too much, may suffer from constipation due to dryness and dehydration.

Ingredients for making Sheer chai (cardamom tea with milk):

Fresh and full-fat cow’s milk1 cup
Water2 cups
Tea1 tablespoon
Cardamom2-5 seeds
SugarAs much as needed

Recipes to make Sheer chai (cardamom tea with milk):

First, choose a suitable container, such as a milk boiling pan, and add two cups of water to it and give enough heat and time until the water boils completely.
Then, add a tablespoon of tea and cardamom after the water boils and let it brew.
After brewing the tea under gentle heat, add the milk and sugar mixture to the boiling tea.
Finally, after boiling milk and tea and mixing them completely, strain it and drink it.
Use a deep, voluminous container and gentle heat so your tea milk fits well and does not spill.

Afghan milk tea

You can change the amount and even the type of ingredients in your tea milk according to your taste.
For example, if you prefer, you can use green tea or tea bags to speed up the preparation process, or if you like the bitter taste of tea, remove the sugar.

Afghan sheer chai


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is sheer chai?

In its literal form, sheer chai translates to ‘milk tea’ in Dari/Farsi but is the name for the classic Afghan pink tea made from a particular type of green tea; But mostly, the pink one is in the category of Kashmiri tea.

Where does sheer chai come from?

This traditional tea beverage, originating from the Indian subcontinent, most probably from the Kashmir Valley, is made with gunpowder tea, milk, and baking soda.

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