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Traditional Afghan Salad (salata) Recipe, One of the most delicious and tasty Afghan salad

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In some articles, explanations, and cooking books, I saw that it was written that the other name of Afghan Salad is salata or Shirazi-salad, and it was emphasized that this salad is also known by these names, which I must say is a misconception.

Afghan salad

Now we, Cookery Magazine, are going to clarify to you that maybe some of the ingredients used in these three salads be the same, but their recipes are different, and some of them have a series of spices and others don’t.

Shirazi salad

Since Afghanistan has many cultural and historical links with its neighboring countries, including Iran, the way of preparing their food is also heavily influenced by Iranian culture.
Afghan salad is famous for its simple, fresh, and seasonal ingredients. Afghan families enjoy this food very much in the summer months.
Afghan salad is often served alongside main dishes, such as Kabuli Pulao, Ashak, Bolani, and Mantu.
Over time, Afghani salad has become popular beyond the borders of Afghanistan and is now enjoyed in different parts of the world.
Overall, Afghani salad is a delicious and versatile dish that reflects the culinary traditions of Afghanistan and its neighboring regions.

Ingredients for making Afghan Salad (Salata):

Tomatoes3 medium-sized
Iranian Cucumber3 medium sized
Red onion1 small piece
Coriander1 cup (1 small chopped bunch)
Lemon juice3 teaspoon
Salt1 teaspoon
Black pepperĀ½ teaspoon
Carrot1-2 medium-sized
MintAs much as needed
Bell pepper, Parsley, Radishes & HerbsAs much as needed

Recipes to make Afghan Salad (Salata):

Afghan recipe for salad

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl with enough room. Dicing all tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, mixing them as shown in the photos, and adding other things to the table one by one.

Enjoy your Afghan salad; yummy.

Afghan salad recipe

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