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Salad is called Salade in French, which means salty and coated with salt. It is a food consumed before the meal as an appetizer, after the main meal as a separate meal, together with the main meal, or as a main meal itself.

More than two thousand years ago, Iranians used to pour oil and vinegar on vegetables, including lettuce, and eat it.

Through the Persian and Roman wars, this custom went to Europe and underwent transformations and changes there.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the industrial world and the trend of consuming ready-made foods, salad also entered the food basket similarly.
Although initially this work started in America, nowadays, salad is sold commercially in supermarkets worldwide.

With this type of food becoming popular among the general public, even some restaurants and hotels have a salad bar where all kinds of salads are served.

Different kinds of sauces are used to decorate the salad, and these sauces are sprinkled on the salad with different flavors and different tastes.

Among the world-famous salads, the following can be mentioned:
1. Shirazi salad
2. Macaroni salad
3. Olivier salad
4. Caesar salad
5. fruit salad

We indeed have various salads, but when the name of the salad comes, everyone’s mind goes to a fixed image, which includes tomatoes, lettuce, and cabbage.

Tomato is almost used in most salads, and its red color contrasts our green salad. It has many varieties, and besides being appetizing, it also disinfects the digestive system.

Cabbage is one of the first plants used by humans and has a large and diverse family, and its anti-cancer property is well-known.

Cabbage is considered a strong virus killer, and besides preventing fat accumulation in the veins, it is a rich source of calcium and vitamins C and K.

There are many types of lettuce, but formal or Roman lettuce, iceberg lettuce, and red or French lettuce are the most famous. It is rich in vitamins, iodine, calcium, and phosphorus and helps digestion.

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