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Doogh Recipe, Cool Persian Yogurt Drink

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Doogh is a persian drink. Coca or other sprinkled drinks are harmful, in contrary there is no harm in Doogh. It is a great beverage next to most of the Iranian dishes, Also is an ingredient for some food such as Ashe Doogh.

Doogh has different kinds of flavors but mint flavor is the most popular one. We want to learn how to make a tasty Doogh in Cookery Magazine. Inform us about your experience of trying Doogh.

Doogh Ingredients

Sour yogurt5 tablespoons
Water3 glasses
Dried mint1 tablespoon
Saltas needed

How to make Doogh

First, beat the sour yogurt by spoon or eggbeater until it become soft and uniform. Then, add salt as much as you like and beat the mixture again.

Add 1 tablespoon of dried mint and repeat the beating process.

Now, pour the mixture into your jug. You can add some ice to have cold and savory Doogh. then, pour 3 glasses of water and mix all together.

I recommend you to garnish your Doogh with some fresh Mint leaves and dried roses. Drink it along with your meals. I hope you enjoy it!

mint-flavored Doogh

Doogh Advantages

Homemade Doogh with mint flavor is one of the healthiest and most useful drinks suitable for the hot summer season, which quenches thirst and is suitable for heat exhaustion, which is recommended even for children over one year old.

Mint has a warm nature and Doogh itself has a cold nature, and when they are mixed together become balanced, and mint-flavored Doogh helps to prevent bloating caused by eating Doogh and cardamom, and the food is digested more easily and makes calcium more absorbed by the body.

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