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Cake yazdi | Persian Cardamom Muffins recipe, Delicious Iranian sweet and Dessert

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Cake Yazdi is a traditional sweet, and as its name suggests to our mind, its history goes back to the beautiful and historical and spectacular city of Yazd, be with The Cookery Magazine to bake an amazing cake yazdi.

cake yazdi
Cake Yazdi

In 1295 AH, corresponding to 1916 A.D., one of the experts in the field of genuine confectionery of Yazd established a small workshop in the Haji Qanbar market of Yazd, which that expert is known today as Haj Khalife Ali Rahbar and Associates Confectionery Company.

This great master (Khalife), throughout his production activity by using his expertise and skill and using the best natural raw materials, succeeded in producing all kinds of sweets with unique quality, making the name of the Yazd synonymous with the sweets of his institute, famous all over the world.

haj khalifeh ali rahbar
Brand and sign of haj khalife confectionary company

It is worth mentioning that in the city of Yazd, other confectionery makers also offer their products by imitating this name or by prefixing the word Haj Khalife, and the respected buyers should pay attention to the full name of this company under the title Haj Khalife Ali Rahbar and Partners Confectionery Company.

Today, the great nation of Iran, and especially the respected citizens of Yazd, recognize Haj Khalife Ali Rahbar as the father of the original confectionery industry of Yazd and always remember and honor his name with respect.

cake yazdi

Many of us remember cake yazdi with the memory of eating its paper mistakenly as a child, which seemed tastier than the cake itself.

Cake yazdi or cupcake, which is the same as cupcakes and muffins, is one of the oldest and most nostalgic flavors that we, Iranians, remember and the most delicious and traditional sweets with a rich history in Iran.

Despite the simple ingredients in this delicious cake, it has a special and unique taste.
Sweets and confections in Yazd are connected with customs, and Yazd’s traditional sweets are world-famous.

In Yazd province, they are mostly an obligatory part of serving in all religious ceremonies like muharram, mourning ceremonies, Nowruz celebrations, funerals and weddings, It is also a suitable option for offering tea or cocoa milk along with cake yazdi.

Persian Cardamom Muffins

We all know that the delicious taste of cake yazdi is doubled with tea, so remember hot tea when serving! The thickness of this cake is less than other cakes, and it has an eye-catching crack on it.

Persian Cardamom Muffins Cake yazdi

Despite the simple ingredients in this delicious cake, it has a special and unique taste, making it popular.
If you have traveled to the city of Yazd, you must have noticed the difference in the taste of authentic and traditional cake Yazdi from the usual type of cake Yazdi from confectioners.

Cake yazdi is prepared with various recipes and flavors. This delicious cake is usually baked in an oven, so those who do not have an oven at home may stop making Cake yazdi and miss the pleasure of preparing and baking this delicious cake.

Persian Muffins

Here we teach how to prepare delicious cake yazdi without using an oven and instead using a gas pot;
You can be sure that in terms of taste and quality, it is the same as cake yazdi, which will go into the oven, of course, if you heat the pot well and cover it completely.

Cake yazdi is the same as cupcakes or muffins. Despite the simple ingredients used in this cake, it has a particular, hearty, and unique taste.

Cake Yazdi Persian Cardamom Muffins

The necessary ingredients for its preparation are eggs, sugar, solid oil or butter, white flour, fruit salt, baking soda, baking powder, yogurt or milk, cardamom, and some raisins and pistachio slices if desired.

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cake yazdi

All kinds of Cake yazdi:
Homemade Cake yazdi, market cake, traditional cake, cupcakes, chocolate cake, saffron cake, etc., are among the things that can be mentioned.
The main ingredients of Cake yazdis are the same, but with a little change in this, we can make various kinds.
Here we will teach some cake yazdi recipes.
This delicious cake is distributed among the people as an occasion sweet during the month of Muharram as an offering, like ghormeh sabzi and khoresh gheymeh, and it is so popular that it is prepared all over Iran.

Ingredients for making Persian Cardamom Muffins:

White flour300 grams
Eggs3 pcs
Sugar200 grams
Thick (condensed) yogurt150 grams
Liquid oil175 grams
Honey1 tablespoon
Baking powder1 tablespoon
Rose water3 tablespoon
Cardamom powder2 tablespoon

* As you wish and desire can add brewes saffron, just 1 tablespoon, vanilla, Ā¼ tablespoon.

Recipe for making Persian Cardamom Muffins:

First, prepare all the raw and desired ingredients and take them out of the refrigerator one hour before preparing the cakes so that they reach room temperature; In the meantime, please turn on the oven and set it to 200 degrees Celsius so it heats up.

The first step in preparing cake yazdi is to break the eggs. Wash the eggs well and beat them with a mixer until smooth. Then add sugar gradually to the egg mixture until they become creamy. After mixing the eggs and sugar completely, add the liquid oil and mix well.

Then add the yogurt to the ingredients and stir until your liquid is smooth; Finally, add rose water, cardamom, and honey to it and prepare your liquid.

Then it’s time for flour. Sift the flour and baking powder twice until smooth and uniform; This will help your cake yazdi to be smooth and uniform.
Add the mixture of flour and baking powder slowly and in several steps to the ingredients and mix it with the help of a mixer.
When the flour and liquid are completely mixed and homogeneous, you should immediately transfer it to the molds.

Gluten Muffins

Pour the cake liquid into the muffin tin using a funnel or spoon.
Remember to put special cake yazdi paper inside the molds before doing this.
It is better to fill the molds in the form of red and make a hole in the middle with a spoon and sprinkle some sesame seeds on it.

muffin cake yazdi

In the next step, Place the tray of cakes in the preheated oven and leave it for 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius until the cakes are completely puffed up.
After that, reduce the oven temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and wait another 10 minutes; During this time, the cakes will be wholly baked and golden.
After the cooking time of the cake yazdi is complete, take it out of the oven and wait for it to cool down a bit.
Your cake yazdi is ready; you can enjoy it with tea and your loved ones.

Recipe for making Persian Cardamom Muffins without oven:

The first step for making cake yazdi without oven

In this method, prepare the cake liquid in the same way as we mentioned in the previous recipes, fill two-thirds of the cake yazdi liquid into the bowls or cups that you have greased inside.
Place the cups together in a suitable pot. With a pitcher, pour boiling water into the pot to cover the cups halfway. Wrap a cloth around the pot.

The second step for making cake yazdi without oven

Place the pot containing the Yazdi cakes on a medium flame for 30 minutes. Wait to open the pot for 15 minutes to keep the puff cake intact. After about 30 minutes, poke the cakes with a toothpick to ensure they are cooked inside.
Your Yazdi cake is fully cooked and ready if the ingredients do not stick to the toothpick. After cooling, take them out of the cup and eat.

Important tips for baking cake yazdi:

  • One of the most important Tricks in the cake yazdi preparation method is the warm environment of the oven. Therefore, turn on the oven at the beginning of the work to bake the cake.
  • The cake’s amount of cardamom and rose water can be slightly changed according to your taste.
  • If you don’t like the taste of sesame, you can omit it from the recipe.
  • Use the exact amount of oil. If too much oil is used, your cake will not rise and get puffy.
  • Remember not to grease the cake yazdi mold at all. Because when cooking at a high temperature, the mold’s fats penetrate the cake and do not allow it to puff up.
  • Do not open or close the oven door during the cooking time. This will ruin the cakes and make them not puffy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cake Yazdi:

Why should we turn on the oven before preparing the cake ingredients?

The oven must be completely warm to bake cake yazdi, This will help your cake puff up and bake.

Why should flour and baking powder be sifted twice?

Sifting the flour is done in order to make it soft and uniform and also to prevent the liquid from lumping. Therefore, you must complete this step.

What is the appropriate oven temperature for baking Yazdi cake?

First, bake the cakes for 10 minutes at 200Ā°C and then again for 10 minutes at 180Ā°C.

Another name for Cake Yazdi?

Some names for this delicious sweet included: Shirini-e Yazdi, Persian Cardamom Muffins, Yazdi cake, Persian cupcakes, rosewater, saffron cookies, andā€¦.

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