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Sohan Recipe, A Persian sweet and tasty candy

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Sohan is one of the tasty and traditional Persian sweet. This yummy toffee candy is prepared differently in most cities of Iran. But it is originally from Qom, one of the central provinces of Iran and is one of this city’s famous souvenirs.the history of this crunchy and delicious candy goes back to the Qajar Dynasty. in that time,Ā Mozaffar ad-Din Shah Qajar traveled to Qom, and people entertained him with Halwa Qomi he analogized it to aĀ rasp (Sohan in English means rasp). In Cookery Magazine, we share an easy and quick recipe for Honey Sohan, and you can easily make this flavourful toffee candy at home.


White flour2 tbsp
Wheat flour2 tbsp
Butter160 grm
Honey2 tbsp
Rosewater1/2 cup
Unbrewed saffron1/2 teasp
Glucose syrup1/5 tbsp
Cardamom1/2 teasp
Pistachioas needed
Persian candy

How to make sohan

  1. First, spread foil on the table and grease it with a brush. Then pour the white flour and wheat flour in a non-stick pan and fry until the raw and unpleasant smell of flour disappears.
  2. Add sugar and rosewater, reduce the heat and constantly stir until it boils. Then add the butter and stir again. Let it comes melt.
  3. In the end, add honey, glucose, unbrewed saffron and cardamom and stir for about 20-30 minutes (Donā€™t forget to stir constantly; this is so important in preparing sohan).
  4. After 30 minutes, test the ingredients with a spoon. They should harden and separate from the pan.
  5. In this phase, pour the ingredients on the foil and spread it well. Pour pistachio and almonds on the sohan and beat with a meat tenderizer. And let it cool.

Your sohan is ready. I hope you enjoy making this yummy candy. You can serve it with tea as a snack.

How to Make homemade glucose?

We can get glucose from confectionery. And also, we can easily make glucose at home. Here we share the homemade glucose recipe.

  1. To prepare glucose, pour some sugar into a pan and put it at low heat. Add cold water,let it boil without stirring.If we stir, the glucose will eventually turn dark.
  2. When it boils, let the sugars dissolve, add the lemon juice, add 2 tablespoons of cold water, and stir the ingredients with a spoon until the lemon dissolves in the ingredients.
  3. Let it boils for 20 minutes with gentle heat until it concentrates.After 20 minutes, pour a few drops of glucose into cold water.If the glucose dissolves as soon as it is poured into the water, it means that it still needs time to reach the desired concentration. If it does not dissolve and remains as a drop of water, the glucose concentration has reached the desired level and is almost ready.
  4. We take the pan off the heat and put it aside at this stage. Glucose will harden after cooling.
homemade glucose

Key points about making Sohan

  1. Stir the ingredients constantly. Otherwise, they won’t be uniform.
  2. If you like a soft texture, add more butter.
  3. You must do it quickly when you pour the contents on the foil because they dry very soon.

Frequently asked questions

What is Sohan?

Sohan is a kind of sweet toffee cany that is a souvenir of Iran.

What is Sohan made of?

It is made of flour,sugar,rosewater,butter,saffron,cardamom and pistachio.

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