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Halim (Haleem) Recipe, Make a Nutritious Persian Breakfast

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Halim (Haleem) is a traditional dish in the Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia. The main ingredients of Halim is wheat and meat. This delightful food varies from region to region and has different recipes. Still, the original of this traditional dish which is different from other recipes is an ancient Iranian dish served with wheat, meat, cinnamon and sugar that remains popular in Iran to this day.

This favorite meal is usually served as breakfast. It is also a special dish prepared during Ramadan and Muharram Months. In Iran People distribute Halim, among others, in Muharram as Nazri (charity food). We will tell you the recipe of this delicious food in Cookery Magazine.

Halim Ingrdients

Peeled wheat500 grm
mutton250 grm
onion2 medium
saltas needed
oilas needed
sugar and cinnamon for garnishas needed
Haleem recipe

How to make Halim

  1. First, soak the peeled wheat in water for about 12 hours to make Halim. Rinse the wheat after 12 hours and put it in a suitable pot. Then add 18 glasses of water to the pot and cook it on medium heat.
  2. During boiling water and wheat, take the foam on it so that the color of the Halim is not black. After boiling the water, reduce the heat and, put the pot lid, let it cook well.
  3. While cooking the wheat, place the meat in another pot, chop onions and add to it; pour three glasses of water into the pot, let them cook on high heat, and after boiling water, reduce the heat to cook gently. It takes at least 3 hours to cook meat. When the meat is cooked, you can add some salt to taste.
  4. While cooking wheat, stir it continuously so that it does not burn. Then remove it from the heat after 4 hours and set it aside until it cools. After cooling the wheat, make a puree in the blender.
  5. Now shred the cooked meat, add it to the wheat and mix the ingredients again for 15 minutes.
  6. Put the ingredients in the pot, add some salt and put it on gentle heat when it is stretched; remove it from the heat.

Halim (Haleem) is ready. Pour it into a bowl, garnish it with sugar, cinnamon and a little oil, and serve it with fresh bread. The use of sugar is optional. People use sugar or salt depending on their taste. This flavour food is the best choice for breakfast on cold winter days. I suggest you try it and share it with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main ingredients of Halim?

The main ingredients of Halim is wheat and meat.

How many hours does it take to cook Halim?

About 4 hours

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