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Joojeh kabab Recipe, the popular Persian chicken kebab

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Joojeh kabab (Persian chicken kebab) is one of the delicious dishes in Iran. It is one of the most famous Iranian dishes that is served at parties and is made to be prepared quickly since we can prepare the ingredients before and this dish is very popular in picnics.

Actually Iranian People loves different kind of kebab such as Kabab sini, Ground beef kabab and Joojeh kabab is one of the best among them. In Cookery Magazine we will try to share with you the simple and quick way to prepare this delicious dish.

Joojeh kabab Ingredients

Chicken  1
onion  2 medium size
lemon juice 6 tablespoon
crushed saffron 1 teaspoon
olive oil   4 table spoon
Greek yogurt 100 grm
salt   as needed
black pepper as needed
butter   50 grm

How to cook Persian chicken Kebab                  

First step :cut the chicken into tiny cubes. If you want to make a Joojeh kabab for a party, it is better to use boneless parts of chicken such as breast. then dissolving the crushed saffron in 4tablespoon of hot water in a 5-10 minutes.

Second step: put the chicken pieces in a large bowl, then cut an onion into slices and place them on the meat.

Third step: now, add olive oil and mix it well with the chicken, then  add lemon juice, salt, black pepper, Greek yogurt and 2 tablespoon of brewed saffron to the mix, next, combine all these together and make sure everything is evenly marinated. mayonnaise sauce is another option which can be added.

Joojeh kabab ingredients

Forth step: now, cover the bowl and put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours in order for the meat to get flavor.

Fifth step: after 2 hours, take the bowl out of the refrigerator and put the chicken pieces in through the skewer.

 Sixth step: (if preparing a grill) if you want to prepare Joojeh kabab on charcoal grill, you must make sure that the chicken kabab wont get overcooked by the smoke, the smoke would change the texture of Joojeh kabab.

Step seventh: put the skewers on the grill and turn them around occasionally to cook the Joojeh kabab evenly.

cooking Joojeh Kabab

 In the last step: melt the butter and mix with brewed saffron, then pour it on both of the sides of the Joojeh kabab.


  1. If you want your grilled chicken to not be dry and tough, make sure to use enough lemon juice, because adding too much lemon will make the grilled chicken tough and also changes its taste.
  2. another point is that before adding marinade, add  the olive oil  to the meat and mix well completely cover the meat, then add marinade.
  3. Also if you want to make this cuisine unique, you can grill mushroom, bell pepper and slice of onion beside it.
  4. Don’t forget grilled tomato because in original recipe it always serves along with tomatoes.
Persian chicken kebab

How to serve Joojeh kabab

 You can serve this dish with Lavash bread and grilled tomato, onion, and green pepper. And also it can be served with Persian rice which is garnished by saffron and barberries (saute barberries in oil).

Fun fact: in Iran, people serve Joojeh kabab with fresh herbs (Sabzi Khordan) like basil, fresh lemon and Sangak bread. Sangak is a special type of Iranian bread that is cooked on hot pebbles.

Joojeh kebab with rice

I hope you like this food and share its recipe with your friends and family members who love cooking.

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Is Joojeh kabab a good option for picnics?

yes, because is made to be prepared quickly since we can prepare the ingredients before

Should it be grilled?

It can be grilled or roast or even use skewers

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