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Tahchin recipe (Crispy Saffron Rice Casserole Stuffed With Chicken), a Traditional and delicious Iranian dish in 6 step

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Tahchin, a Traditional and delicious Iranian dish that is originally belonged to Iran and its most famous type is tahchin morgh, and we, The Cookery Magazine group, will explain the funny story behind its creation.

It is said that in the foreseeable future, in royal kitchens, the crew would fill their stomachs with leftover food after the head of the house had eaten his meal.

Until once, a fight broke out between the servants over the Tahdig (Stuck-pot rice, or crispy rice crust). The khan or ruler who hears the sound gets present in the kitchen and inquiries about the reason.

chicken Tahchin recipe

After he understands the story of Tahdig and tastes a little of it, he realizes what a blessing he has been deprived of for years.

Then he scolded the servants because of the quarrel and ordered them to bring the Tahdig to him before the main meal.

Another story says that one day when one of the court cooks was cooking (Arroz con pollo) chicken rice, suddenly, the work got out of hand, and the rice was crushed.
Fearing for his life, the cook resorts to saffron and adds the chicken with yogurt to the rice; he adds an egg to it so the ruler may forgive him. This is how the first Tahchin was born.

Tahchin morgh recipe

Tahchin Morgh (chicken Tah-Chin) is a popular Iranian dish, also known as special food for important gatherings.

Contrary to the idea that many people think that the only type of Tahchin is chicken Tahchin, it can be cooked in different ways.


The most prominent and popular way of cook tahchin is the chicken Tahchin (tahchin morgh) or simple Tahchin.

  1. chicken Tahchin
  2. meat Tahchin
  3. Meat and eggplant Tahchin
  4. Spinach Tahchin
  5. Fish Tahchin

Ingredients for making Tahchin (tahchin morgh):

Iranian rice3 cups
Chicken breast1 complete piece
Strained yogurt1 cup
an onion1 medium size
Yolk2 number
Rose/ the rose water1 tablespoon
Butter50 g
barberry100 g
Sugar powder1 tablespoon
Brewed saffron 4 tablespoons 
Salt and black pepperAs needed
Cinnamon and pistachio slicesAs needed
Turmeric and oilAs needed

Ingredients for making Tahchin (tahchin morgh):

The first step:

To prepare the chicken stock, we first put the chicken meat with two glasses of water, some turmeric, cinnamon, and onion into a suitable pot; then we put the pot on medium heat until the chicken stock is boiled.

In order to make the chicken taste better, it is better to let all the water in the pot run out; this will allow the flavor of all the spices to be absorbed by the chicken. 

After removing the chicken from the heat and letting it cool down, we shredded it.

The second step: 

After shredding the chicken, put it in a pan with a little liquid oil and fry it a little, then add some turmeric, cinnamon, and black pepper to the chicken and continue roasting until the chicken is cooked with spices; then we put the chicken aside.

At this stage, we rinse and sieve the barberries, which we have soaked for 20 minutes, then fry them with powdered sugar and some butter or liquid oil in a suitable pan until the color of the barberries shines, then we set the barberries aside.

The third step:

Depending on its type, we soak the rice for 30 minutes to 3 hours, along with 1 teaspoon of salt and lukewarm water. 

Next, we put a suitable pot on the heat, filled it halfway with water, and let it boil.

After the water boils, add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of liquid oil to the pot. 

Next, we add the soaked rice to the boiling water and cook for 7 to 10 minutes.

The fourth step: 

We should rinse the rice when the rice grains are completely soft but their kernels are hard and stuck under the teeth. After draining the rice, we set it aside. Next, pour the egg yolks into a large bowl.

At this stage, we mix the egg yolks until they come out of the lumpy state, then, we add the strained yogurt, rose water, and infused saffron to the bowl and mix well until the ingredients are completely mixed and uniform.

The fifth step: 

At this stage, we add the drained rice to the bowl containing the egg and yogurt mixture and mix slowly until they are uniform. 

Next, we greased the pot we planned to cook Tahchin with a little oil.

At this stage, we pour half of the rice mixture on the bottom of the pot and press it well with the back of a spoon, then pour the fried chicken along with barberry on the rice. 

Next, we add the rest of the rice mixture to the pot.

The sixth step: 

Now we press the rice again with the back of a spoon so that the bottom of the Tahchin does not come apart after cooking. Next, we divide the butter into small pieces and spread it on the rice. Now we put the pot on a very gentle heat.

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to brew Tahchin. In the end, after the cooking of Tahchin is finished, we slowly turn it into a suitable dish, then decorate it with pistachio slices and barberry.


In the end, it can be concluded that whenever you have an Iranian or Asian guest, one of the original dishes on your colorful tables could be this Iranian food.

And finally, I would like to thank those who took the time to read this article. Among the delicious foods of different societies, Iranian food is gaining more and more fans daily.

Does Iran have the best rice?

Iran is well known for its famous long and fine-quality rice.
The traditional varieties with medium and/or short grains are called Champa. Farmers have adopted several high-yielding varieties

What’s the difference between tahchin and Tahdig?

Tahchin is a baked saffron rice dish that resembles a cake while Tahdig is the crispy crust that is formed from making basmati rice, Persian style. Tahdig can be rice, potatoes, onions, or lavash.

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