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Rosewater recipe | Golab, An amazing Iran’s export product in the 17th century

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Rosewater extraction was first done traditionally in Fars province and gradually became popular in Kashan and its surrounding cities. In Cookery Magazine, we will explain it from A to Z. 

Today, Iran’s rosewater is exported to other parts of the world as a high-quality export product used to prepare perfumes and various cosmetic products.

The city of Kashan is considered one of Iran’s tourist attractions, with a large number of historical and cultural attractions and monuments. 

Every year, this historical city hosts tourists who come to watch and participate in the Kashan Rosewater ceremony (golabgiri). 

Besides visiting this ceremony, they can visit other places of interest in Kashan, such as Fin Garden, Kashan Bazaar, Āmeri House, Abbasian Historical House, etc.

Ingredients for making Rosewater

Fresh damask rose (Mohammadi flower)As much as needed
Boil waterAs much as needed
IceAs much as needed

Recipe for making Rosewater

The first step: Preparation of the rose flower

First, separate the flowers from the stem and stuff them, then put the obtained petals in a bowl and pay attention so that they are not dirty and completely clean and uniform.

The second step the preparation of rosewater

Place a medium-sized bowl in the center of the pot and pour the petals around the bowl and into the pot, then pour boiling water on the petals; it should be enough to cover the petals only.


Third step: adding ice

Next, put the lid of the pot upside down on the pot and put the pot on the heat; pour some ice on the lid of the pot and wait until the ice melts on the lid of the pot, then pour ice on the lid of the pot again; repeat this process many times.

The fourth step: preparing rose water at home

At this stage, the steam collects inside the pot, and with the help of the ice in the middle of the bowl that you put in the center of the pot, turn off the flame after 30 minutes.

Carefully remove the pot lid, and you will see that the bowl you placed in the center of the pot is filled with rose water. Please wait until it cools down, and remove the bowl. You have done rose water extraction at home as easily as this.

Golden tips for having the best Rosewater

  • You can use this rose water to prepare syrup and toner.
  • You can also prepare Orange blossom Distillates in this way.
rose water in tea
  • Pour the obtained rose water into the glass and close the lid well so that the aroma does not escape.
  • Be sure to constantly collect the ice from the pot’s lid with a spoon and pour ice again to make rose water by cold air distillation.

Having a journey in the history of Rosewater

The Damask rose’s planting date in Iran dates back to about 7000 years ago. During the Safavid era, the flower’s seed was taken from Iran to Turkey, Syria, and Bulgaria. 

Until about 350 years ago, it was observed only in Iran. However, during the Safavid period, the Damask rose was exported from Iran to the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), Syria, Bulgaria, and the rose-making machines.

According to the studies, Damask rose essential oil extraction has been done in Iran by the traditional distillation method since about 1000 years ago. 

This method, which is called “latan,” is still used in some traditional workshops in Kashan and is known as one of the best and most efficient ways of preparing essential oil in the world.

Iranians were among the first people to realize the therapeutic and edible properties of the rose. Regarding the history of rosewater and its distillation method, the origin of rosewater production is Iran, and its main homeland is Iran.

Almost a thousand years ago, in many chapters of Sheikh al-Rais Abu Ali Sina’s The Canon of Medicine book, the use of dry herbs and herbs was emphasized. Therefore, distilling and producing Herbal distillate in Iran has a long history.

pure persian golab asli min rose water

According to research conducted and reported by Ibn Khaldun, in the 8th and 9th centuries, rosewater was one of the most important commercial items sent to China and India through the Silk Road as one of the important commercial goods. 

So that 30,000 bottles were exported to that city daily from Maymand Fars during the Caliphate of Baghdad between 810-817. 

The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and other Persian Gulf countries are the main export destinations of rosewater.

Today, the city of Kashan is the largest producer of this product in the world, with the production of 15 thousand tons of rosewater, and after Kashan, Meymand city in Fars province is the largest producer of this product in the world, with more than 12 thousand tons of rosewater and the city of Sparta in Turkey with 8500 tons is the next level of rosewater production in the world.

Distillation methods are various in different countries, in such a way that they are completely different in producing countries such as Iran, Argentina, Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, and Portugal.

It is said that the rose was brought from Syria to Europe by a warrior named Robert de Berry in the 13th century.

rosewater recipe persian golab

Rose or Mohammadi essential oil because it is the most expensive essential oil in the world; each gram of it is equivalent to one gram of gold in the world market (about 23 thousand dollars).

In the past, after collecting flowers along with the celebration, people used to carry them with camels to the venue of the ceremony. 

Today, although the Kashan making rosewater ceremony (Golabgiri) is no longer performed as in the past, it retains its charm for visitors. This event is known as “⭐️Rosewatery Eid (eid Golabi)” among locals.

⭐️Eid Golabi: It was an Eid that was known in India during the reign of Akbar Shah, and on that day, the nobles offered glasses of rosewater. 

This custom took place in the middle of the reign of Muhammad Aurangzeb.

Kashan’s ritual of rose water extraction (golabgiri) is registered as a spiritual heritage in the list of national works of Iran. It has also been proposed to be registered in the intangible and spiritual heritage of UNESCO, and the case is being reviewed.

Chardin emphasizes an important point in his travelogue: “This pleasant syrup is exported all over the East, and ships fully loaded with it leave for India.”

From the heart of the valley of rosewater

This quote shows the extraordinary prosperity of this industry in the past compared to the current situation and how popular this industry was in the region and the country.

Due to the transportation situation and lack of accessibility at that time, it has been considered as a major export product in the field of foreign trade.

Shakespeare and the English poet Thomas Rivers have mentioned Gul Mohammadi (damask rose) in their works.

Kashan’s golabgiri season usually starts on 5th May (Ordibehesht 15) and lasts until the middle of June. It is impossible not to record the trip to Kashan as the most memorable trip, especially the two cities of Qamsar and Niaser, which in this season of the year are full of the fragrance of Mohammedian flowers, which create a beautiful picture for all travelers next to the clear streams there.

What are the signs of an original rose?

The original rose water is transparent, clear, and without sediment; its smell is the pleasant smell of the rose and does not have the smell of sourness.

rose water

The taste of rose water is heavy and slightly bitter, which is one of the most important signs of the originality of rose water.

The benefits of rose water

persian goolab rosewater

Rosewater has a warm nature and is used to prepare and flavor all kinds of sweets, halva, and syrups. It is also used in the perfumery of ointments and medicines due to its pleasant smell.

In traditional medicine, this fragrant liquid is used to relieve severe stomachache.

Also, a mixture of rose water and rock candy is used for bleeding, relieving stomach pain, and strengthening stomach nerves.

Rose water or Gulab rose petals

A mixture of vinegar and rosewater is used to rinse the mouth. Rubbing and smelling rose water also strengthens the heart, nerves, and senses and relieves headaches.

Uses of Rosewater

As the pure rose is used every year in the Hajj season to wash the house of the Kaaba and the holy shrine of Imamzadegan, we can say it is also used to scent congregations and wash blessed places.

The pleasant scent of the rose perfume is also used to scent clothes and rugs in these places.

It is used for washing tombstones and also for Iranian mourning ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rosewater

What is Rosewater (golab)?

Rose water is a liquid extracted from the rose (scientific name: Rosa × damascena) and is fragrant.u003cbru003eGolab is said to be the result of distilling the flowers of the freshly picked rose bush with water whose essential oil has been separated from the aqueous solution, which should be kept in containers with a small amount of air.

What is obtained by re-distilling rose water?

From the re-distillation of rose water, a product is obtained, which is called double-fired rose water; it means pure and true-blue rosewater.u003cbru003eIf they distill two-fired rose water again, thick rose water is obtained in terms of essential oil, which is highly fragrant and is pure and pure rose water.

When does Kashan Golabgiri start?

The Kashan rose water ceremony usually starts in the middle of May (u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 data-type=u0022linku0022 data-id=u0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eOrdibeheshtu003c/au003e).

What are the Kashan rosewater-producing (golabgiri) areas?

Qamsar, Niaser, Sedeh, and u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003eBarzoku003c/au003e are the only famous areas of Kashan for getting rose water.

Does it cost to watch the Kashan Golabgiri ceremony?

No, you can visit Kashan’s different areas at the mentioned time and see this beautiful festival.


Thank you for being with us on this historical Kashan souvenir article.
If you have any questions, it’s my honor to answer. Enjoy your exploration of Persian cuisine!

This article provides all the information you need to travel to Kashan and participate in the rose water ceremony (Golabgiri).

We started with the history of golabgiri in Iran and then wrote about where, when, and how golabgiri is held.

We hope this article can be a good guide for traveling to Kashan and participating in golabgiri ceremony.

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