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Iranian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and unique beverages.
Drinks play a crucial role in improving the dining experience and complementing the tastes of a meal.

Drinks are liquids that humans can drink. Drinks play an essential role in human culture. Common types of beverages include water, milk, juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and soda.

Drink in the definition of UNESCO

Any pure liquid or solid-in-liquid mixture, liquid-in-liquid, or gas-in-liquid is used to quench thirst, make swallowing or easier digestion of what is eaten, or achieve other physical and psychological effects such as relaxation and pleasure.

There are different types of drinks that are very important, for example:
1. Drinks suitable for obese people that have high fat-burning properties

2. Dairy drinks such as doogh (dough) and milk are very delicious and rich sources of calcium.
Eating dairy products with red meat destroys the iron in that food, but it is so delicious that many Iranians do not follow this rule and drink doogh with kebab.

3. Energy drinks suitable for gym and endurance sports and long walks

4. We have drinks for welcoming guests, which for us Iranians include tea, sakanjabin, synthetic syrups, etc.

5. Some drinks, such as Chia seed (tokh’m sharbati) and Descurainia sophia (khak’shir), are those types of syrups that we Iranians and most Muslims consume a lot during the month of Ramadan because we believe that these kinds of syrups prevent our thirst for a long time.

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