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Moraba havij recipe | Persian carrot jam, Delicious heaven taste Iranian marmalade in 7 steps

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Moraba havij or Persian carrot jam is one of the most widely used and popular jams worldwide, mostly used as breakfast like other jams.

Carrot jam and Persian sour cherry jam are on the list of the most consumed jams in the world.

Be with the Cookery Magazine for making this amazing jam.

Ingredients for making Moraba havij | Persian carrot jam

Persian carrot marmalade is prepared with various recipes, and the most common way of preparing Persian carrot jam is with grated carrot.

Of course, if we want to make the carrot jam more formally, we can cut the carrot into wedges or use small cutters to chop the carrot for our Persian carrot jam according to our taste.

carrot marmalade
Carrot500 grams
Sugar500 grams
Rosewater 2 tablespoons
lemon juice1 tablespoon
Saffron1 tablespoon
Cardamom powder1 tablespoon
Slivered pistachio (optional)1 tablespoon

Recipe for making Moraba havij

The first step

carrot colander

To make homemade Persian carrot jam, cut the top and bottom of the carrots with a knife and peel them with a peeler or knife, then pour them into a colander and wash them well. Next, we keep the carrots aside to drain their excess water.

Glazed carrot for moraba havij

The second step for making Persian carrot jam

gratted carrot for moraba havij

At this stage, we grate the carrots with a small or big grater, depending on your taste, and put them in a preferably copper pot. Then we put it on the flame and let the carrots soften a little.

The third step

Then we fry the grated carrot continuously until the color of the carrots changes a little.

Then we add two glasses of water and add sugar little by little to the carrot and mix with a spoon until it dissolves completely in the water.

frying grated carrot

The fourth stage

We close the lid of the pot and put the flame spreader on the flame and put the pot on it, and let the jam cook and get thickened.

We must visit the jam occasionally to remove it at the exact time from the heat.

The fifth stage in making Persian carrot jam

In order to make sure that the jam has reached the desired concentration or not, you can take a little of the nectar of the jam and pour it into a glass of cold water.

If the nectar of the jam settles in cold water and does not disintegrate, it means that the jam is ready.

The sixth stage

But if the nectar has dissolved, it means that you still have to give the jam time to cook and reach the right concentration.

When the jam reaches the desired consistency, we add cardamom, lemon juice, and rose water and mix all the ingredients slowly with a spoon.

The seventh stage

After 2-3 minutes, remove the jam from the heat, keep it aside until it cools down, pour it into the desired jar, put the lid on it, keep it in the refrigerator, and serve this delicious carrot jam for breakfast.

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Persian Carrot Jam
moraba havij

Frequently Asked Questions about Persian carrot jam

What should be done if the jam is granulated and gets sugary?

Add some boiling water to the jam and boil it again in a pot on the oven.

Why is Persian carrot jam granulated some times?

sugery carrot jam

If the jam is cooked at a high temperature, its nectar or syrup thickens very quickly, but the carrot is not cooked completely, which causes the jam to become sugary quickly.
For this reason, the jam should be cooked on low heat, or you can add a spoonful of lemon juice to the jam so it does not become sugary.

Conclusion for Persian carrot jam

persian carrot jam or marmalade

Thank you for being with us with another delicious moraba recipe: Persian carrot jam.

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