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Persian citron jam | moraba balang, delicious Iranian dessert in 10 steps

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Persian citron jam, is one of the delicious and popular Iranian jams, which is mostly used for breakfast and evening meals. It is a sweet and tangy preserve with a unique flavor.

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Ingredients for making Persian citron jam

Citron 1 kg
Sugar1 kg
Lemon juice or bergamot juice3 to 4 tbs
Water3 cups
Rosewater (optional)Ā½ cup

Recipe for making Persian citron jam

The first step

In order to make Persian citron jam, first, we clean the citrons and cut the skin on them thinly with a knife; then, we place the citrons on the kitchen board, cut them in half, and empty the contents in the middle.

The second step

Then we cut them with a mold or, by hand, any model we like; if we want the jam to look like a flower, we have to cut the citron thinly like peeling. Then we pour cold water into a large bowl and put the chopped citrons (balangs) in the bowl.

The third step in cooking Persian citron jam

Now, let the citrons stay in cold water for 10 minutes, and in the meantime, pour half of the water into a pot (proportionate to the amount of chopped citrons), put the lid on the pot, and put it on high heat so that the water boil sooner.

citron marmalade

The fourth step in making moraba balang

After 10 minutes, we put the citrons in the colander, and after 1 minute, after putting them in the colander and letting them get a little dry, put them in boiling water in the pot.

We put the citrons into the boiling water and let them stay in the boiling water for 1 minute.

The fifth step

After 1 minute, put the citrons in a colander or strainer and put them again in a bowl of cold water to let them stay for 10 minutes.

The sixth step

We do this four times, and in step 4, we allow the citrons to remain in boiling water for 15 minutes until they become soft, and then we put them in a strainer, put them in a bowl of cold water, and then drain them.

We pour and let the extra water of the citrons come out and appear in the pot.

The seventh step

Pay attention that the water in the bowl must be changed every four steps, and cold water must be poured into the bowl.

Then we pour three glasses of water into a pot according to the volume of the citrons, put the lid on the pot, and put it on high heat so that it boils faster.

jar of citron jam

The eighth step

Then we add sugar to it gradually and slowly stir it with a spoon until it dissolves completely in the water and the syrup reaches a little concentration.

Then we take the pot off the heat and put it aside. The syrup thickens after cooling.

The ninth stage

We allow the syrup to cool down, pour the citrons into the syrup and put the pot again on a very gentle heat until the syrup boils and the citrons get flavored for 15 minutes, and the jam reaches our desired concentration.

The tenth stage

In the end, when the jam is ready and reaches the desired consistency, add lemon juice to it, and after 1 minute, remove the jam from the heat and leave it aside until it cools down.

Pour it into a completely dry jar, tightly close the lid, and keep it in the refrigerator. Enjoy it.

Marmelade de citrons

Nutritional value of Balang jam

Every 15 grams of balang jam has 43.8 kcal of energy and 10.8 grams of sugar and zero fat, salt, and trans fatty acids.

Therefore, Balang jam is a portion of healthy and suitable food for your breakfast!

Properties of balang jam | Persian citron jam

Balang jam removes constipation and relaxes the user.

This fruit is very suitable for removing bleeding gums. Balang also strengthens the liver. Balang is known as a miracle worker in traditional medicine. This fruit is a natural cooler, and its consumption gives people peace of mind and relaxation.

Balang contains large amounts ofĀ citronella, or better to say,Ā Cymbopogon, which is a relaxing compound and is used in the treatment of patients suffering from depression and mental illnesses.Ā 

Balang fruit has many properties due to the high level of vitamin C and other potent antioxidants.Ā 

persian citron jam iranian marmalade

This fruit has high amounts of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, beta carotene, niacin, manganese, zinc, selenium, vitamin B6, and potassium.

Balang fruit is actually one of the four main citrus fruits. This big fruit is oval, and its color is almost like a yellow lemon. 

The shape of the citron is slightly different according to the type and other factors, such as weather. 

Unlike many citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, citron has very little water.

Among the properties of citron jam, it can be mentioned that citron is the enemy of flatulence and makes digestion easier for you. You can also combine citron fruit and vinegar.

The properties of Persian citron jam include being anti-cough, softening the chest, soothing, and cooling. You can eat citron fruit to calm your nerves and have peace of mind.

Lemon Elderflower Marmalade moraba balang

Citron is very useful for improving blood circulation and compensates for the lack of water in the body.

Citron has soothing and pain-relieving properties that can improve migraine.

Citron helps reduce respiratory problems, including colds and accelerates the healing process.

In South India, Citron water treats high blood pressure. Consuming Citron fasting with warm water can cure high blood pressure.

Citron contains potassium which improves heart health.

The combination of Citron water and warm water is a liver purifier and cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Persian citron jam

Can Persian citron jam be made with other citrus fruits?

Candied Citrus Fragrance Oil

While Persian citron jam is traditionally made with the fruit of the Persian citron tree, it is possible to make a similar jam using other citrus fruits such as lemons or limes. However, the flavor may be a little different.

How is Persian citron jam used?

moraba balang in breakfast on toast

Persian citron jam can be used in different ways. It is commonly spread on toast, crackers, or bread.
It can also be used as a stuffing for pastries, cakes, or cookies. Additionally, it can be added to sauces, dressings, or marinades to add a unique citrusy taste.

How long does Persian citron marmalade last?

When appropriately stored in sterilized jars, Persian citron jam can last several months to a year.
It is crucial to ensure that the jars are tightly sealed and kept in a cool, dark place to maintain the quality and longevity of the jam; as you know, the best example of a cool and dark place is a refrigerator.

What does moraba balang or Persian citron jam taste like?

Persian citron jam has a distinctive flavor. It is sweet with a slightly sour and tangy taste.
The jam has a citrusy aroma and a hint of floral notes.

How is Persian balang jam made?

morba balang cubes

To make Persian Moraba Balang, the fruit is first washed and sliced. The slices are then soaked in water overnight to remove any bitterness.
The next day, the fruit is simmered in a sugar syrup until it becomes soft and translucent.
The cooked fruit is then packed into sterilized jars and sealed for preservation.


desire persian balang moraba

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