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Khoresht Bamieh Recipe, Okra in a perfect Persian stew

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Khoresht Bamieh or okra stew is a traditional Persian dish which is from South Iran. okra is loved by everybody all around the world, especially in Arabs countries and Iran. Actually, Khoresht Bamieh with Hot flavor is an Arabic recipe.

It’s going to be very delicious if you do it the right way. and Also you can replace the meat with other ingredients to have a nutritious and different vegetarian meal. The ingredients Below will be enough for 4 people.

Khoresht Bamieh ingredients

Okra750 grams
beef or lamb500 grams
liquid saffron3 tablespoons
tomato paste3 tablespoons
cinnamon1 stick
cumina quarter of a teaspoon
turmeric powder2 teaspoons
black peppera quarter of a teaspoon
red chili or red peppera quarter of a teaspoon
saltas needed
onion (dice it)1
vegetable oilas needed
Khoresht Bamieh ingredients

How to cook Persian Okra Stew?

we’re gonna start it by sauteing our onion. add some vegetable oil and let it get hot then add the onion. stir gently the onion with a spoon and don’t burn one side of it. When it turns the color and loosens up to getting a little bit brown, add half of your turmeric (use the other half you add the meat).

sauteing onion

let it cook with the turmeric for more couple of minutes after the onions are beautifully golden, and add the meat to it. now with pepper both of the black and chili right add the other half of the turmeric to the mixture. let it cook away for about seven minutes. as soon as most of the red color turned to brown then add the tomato paste, saute it and again, let it cook for another five minutes. add cinnamon stick and cumin to it.

meat in okra stew

Here, Pour 3 cups of boiling water, Put the lid on it, and let it cook for about two hours. meanwhile, sautƩ your okra.

How to make Okras ready for Khoresht Bamieh

In a separate pan put some vegetable oil on low heat and add your okra. these are very delicate so you have to be very careful by tossing them around. after let it sizzle and stir it very gently from time to time. after 15 minutes turn the hit off and put the okra aside until your meat mixture is ready.

Bamieh stew

Grab the tomatoes and cut them into 2-inch slices just like circles. after two hours or two and a half, check on the meat if it is done, add your fried Bamieh to your Khoresht Bamieh and also some salt and some lime juice for better flavor. let it cook for 15 minutes and as the final step add your liquid saffron which gives a vibrant color to your Khoresht Bamieh. stir the mixture and put the sliced tomatoes in the pot. again let it cook for another 10 to 15 minutes. Now Your Khoresht Bamieh is ready! I hope you cook it and love it šŸ™‚

Persian bamieh stew

you have to serve every Iranian stew with the rice which we have told you how to cook Persian rice in Cookery Magazine.

Khoresht Bamieh or okra stew with Persian rice

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