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Dolme barge mo | Persian stuffed grape leaves, and 6 more types of delicious persian dolme

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Dolme is edible in the Middle East and surrounding areas such as the Balkans, Caucasus, Russia, and Central Asia.

Dolma can be made with grape leaves (the most common), bell pepper, pumpkin, tomato, and eggplant.

dolme barg mo

Dolmeh barg mo or Dolme is known as “yaprak dolmasi” in Turkish and so many believe that it is a Turkish word . It is interesting that Dolma is derived from the Turkish word, which means “something stuffed, filling.”

And this has caused many people in the cultural and historical fields to attribute the preparation of the first Dolma to the Turk regions.

This food is originally a Mediterranean food, and Mediterranean countries, including Turkey, use it as food.

In different countries, there have been slight changes in the contents of Dolema. Its preparation and use have probably reached Western cities (Azerbaijan) and other parts of Iran from Turkey.

Even though many countries tried for years using historical evidence to attribute the invention of the Dolme to their country, finally, it was at 2017 that the Republic of Azerbaijan registered Dolme in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Of course, there are still various cultural conflicts among the countries of this region over Dolme and its origin.

In addition to Iran and Turkey, it is cooked and consumed in Algeria, Armenia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Uzbekistan, Romania, Syria, Egypt, etc.

persian dolma

Ordering dolme at Iranian parties and gatherings, along with other finger foods, gives the guests a good feeling of serving Iranian food.
Preparing Dolme is complicated and time-consuming and has its tricks, but you can make it yourself from the Cookery Magazine.

Iranian dolmeh

Turks and Greeks believe they invented dolme, although history tells a different story.
For example, in the Iranian version, it is stated that around the 17th century, Naseruddin Shah‘s chef filled eggplant, potatoes, and vegetables without rice and served it with a special sauce.

Another story says that the recipe for cooking dolme came from Turkey through the borders of Azerbaijan to Iran and found its way to the rest of the country.

Iranian dolmeh stuffed grape leaves

Some believe that ancient Greeks and Iranians prepared Dolme for the first time. In this way, they filled the inside of the vine leaves with meat and rice and ate them as food.

In the meantime, the Armenian chef says that Dolme was completely Armenian, housewives and homemakers who cooked this dish for the first time tried to cook for one of the Armenian dinner occasions. It is said that it took a whole day to make and wrap the grape skins.

There is another story in history about cooking dolme, which is worth knowing.
It is said that in 335 BC, Alexander encountered large slabs of vine leaves when he went to the city of Thebes. After entering the kitchen, he noticed that the cooks were carefully mixing the pieces of meat with other ingredients.


The grape leaves are twisting, which is very tasty. In this way, he declared this food part of his military diet.
Many people believe that this is how dolme found its way to the countries that Alexander conquered.

Types of dolma:

As I told you at the first paragraph of this article, except dolme barg mo we have 6 more dolme which I named you down there and you can have them all in other tabs in Cookery Magazine:

1. squash dolme:

Some people do not put the barg mo ingredients inside the grape leaves. The sauce is placed inside the pumpkin, so we see the pumpkin crust being made.

2. dolma tarifi (dolma felfel):

Bell pepper is one of the spicy and delicious foods. To prepare this dish, cook the mixture inside the pepper.

3. tomato dolma:

If you are a fan of tomatoes and want to make a delicious dish using tomatoes, we recommend going for tomato dolma. In this type of dolma, the ingredients are placed inside the tomato.

4. potato dolmeh:

Suppose you pour the ingredients inside the potato. You can make a delicious potato dolma.

5. eggplant dolma (dolmeh bademjan):

Another type of dolma is called eggplant dolma. In it, we put the ingredients inside the eggplant. Then the type of eggplant dolma occurs.

6. cabbage dolmeh:

In this dish, cabbage leaves are used instead of grape leaves. This type of dolme has its fans. Cabbage dolma is cooked as local dolma in many cities.

Ingredients for making Dolmeh barge mo | Persian stuffed grape leaves:

Mince Meat300 grams
split peaĀ¾ cup
Rice1 cup
Onion1 piece
Dry or fresh Fragrant herbs6 tablespoons
Barberry (optional and as you wish)3 tablespoons
Thick and dense brewed saffron3 tablespoons
Pomegranate paste1 tablespoon
Tomato paste1 tablespoon
Verjuice and vinegarĀ¼ cup
Water2  Glasses
Greengage, and limeAs much as needed
Grape leavesAs much as needed
Salt, black pepper, and turmericAs much as needed
liquid oil, coriander seeds, and paprikaAs much as needed

Recipes to make Dolme barge mo | Persian stuffed grape leaves:

first step:

To prepare the delicious Dolme, at the beginning of the work, we wash the split peas and put them in a bowl with water; then, we let the split peas stay in water for 2 hours until they are completely soaked.
After this time, we rinse the split pea.
After rinsing, put the split peas in a suitable pot and add three glasses of water.
Next, put the pot on low heat, then let the split peas stay in boiling water for 2 hours until they are fully cooked.

second step:

After this time, remove the pot from the heat and rinse the split peas to remove excess water.
Next, after washing the rice with some salt, put it in a suitable pot, then add water as much as a knuckle.
Now put the pot on high heat so the excess water is removed and the rice is cooked.
Next, we drain the rice freshly so they don’t get stuck in the crusts during cooking; then, we let the excess water drain out.

third step in making dolmeh barg mo:

Finely chop the onion at this stage and put a suitable pan on a gentle heat.
Next, add some liquid oil to the pan and immediately add the onion, then fry until the onion becomes light and a bit golden.
Now we add turmeric to the onion and continue frying until the onion turns golden and fried.
Next, add the minced meat to the pan and continue frying until the meat changes color, then add some salt.

The fourth step:

Next, we add some black pepper, coriander seed powder, and paprika to the pan and continue roasting until their aroma is released.
Add dry aromatic vegetables (dill, Savoury, coriander, and parsley) to the pan and mix.
Add the rice to the pan, split peas, barberry, and brewed saffron, and mix until the ingredients are combined, then fry for 2 to 3 minutes until the flavors dominate. Next, we fill a suitable pot halfway with water.

The fifth step:

Next, we put the pot on high heat until the water boils, then put the grape leaves in the pot and let the leaves stay in the boiling water until it changes color. Now put the leaves in a colander to remove excess water.
In this step, we choose a suitable pot, pour some liquid oil into it and put some leaves in it.
Next, we can put a leaf in the muffin tin to wrap the crusts so that the leaves veins are inside it.

The sixth step:

Pour one tablespoon of the dolma ingredients between the grape leaves and collect the excess leaves.
Next, in the same way, we make the dolmas and put them in the pot in a compact form so they can not get open.
You can wrap the Dolmas in the form of a cigarette.
For this purpose, we pour one tablespoon of dolma ingredients into the middle of the leaf, then gather both sides of the leaf and roll it from the beginning to the end.
Next, in the same way, we twist the crusts until the ingredients are finished. Now we prepare the sauce for the dolmas.

The seventh step:

To make dolma sauce, put pomegranate paste, tomato paste, water, Verjuice, and some liquid oil in a suitable bowl, then mix until they are mixed.
Next, pour the sauce mixture on the slices.
Now put some Greengage and a few slices of fresh lime on the slices and place a heavy plate on them so they do not fall apart during cooking. Next, we put the flame spreader on a gentle heat.

The eighth step:

Next, cover the pot with a piece of cloth that is usually placed on the lid to cook food better and put it on the pot on the flame spreader. Now we let the dumplings stay on the heat until the excess water in the pot evaporates completely, and the dumplings are cooked.

The nineth step:

When the dolmas are completely cooked, we put the pot aside from the heat and slowly into the container we want.
Finally, serve and decorate the top of the dolme with hot onions and barberry. Enjoy your meal.


Thank you again for being with us with an excellent, delicious, authentic Iranian recipe. Share your experiences with us, and if you have any tips to improve the food recipe, be sure to comment; thank you.

stuffed grape leaves

Frequently Asked Question:

Do we serve Dolma hot or cold?

Since dolme barg mo is the only dolme that can be served hot and cold, it is considered the best choice for parties and celebrations.

How can we serve this delicious persian stuffed grape leaves?

The way to serve it is that all the food is put in a large dish and the guests and others can put as much as they want on their plates.

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