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Bastani sonnati, Delicious and unforgettable Persian Rosewater and Saffron ice cream in 5 steps

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Bastani sonnati a delicious combination of Iranian tradition and culture.

Maybe less than 10% of Iranians know how to make traditional homemade ice cream. That is why today I am going to share the Bastani sonnati recipe with you in The Cookery Magazine, So stay with us.

Many of us spent our childhood summers just indulging in ice cream. It may be the same right now! Is it possible to spend the summer without eating ice cream, especially Iranian Bastani sonnati?
Bastani sonnati has always had a special place for us Iranians.

Ingredients for making Bastani sonnati

The basic ingredients of homemade traditional ice cream for 6 people are as follows:

Full fat milk4 cups (1 liter)
Cream100 grams
Sugar2 cups (500 grams)
RosewaterĀ½ a cup
Salep powder2 teaspoons
Slivered or flaked pistachio 1 tablespoon (50 grams)
Brewed saffronAs much as needed
Cardamom extract or Essential oilAs much as needed

Recipe for making Bastani sonnati

The first step in making Bastani sonnati

Saffron Ice Cream cream tray

At this step, you must first present the pieces of cream inside the bastani sonnati. For this, you should choose a tray the same size as your freezer drawers.
Then clean the bottom of the tray and pour the cream on it. Spread the cream with a spoon on the tray until its thickness reaches 2 mm. Then put the tray in the freezer until the cream freezes.

The second step in making Bastani sonnati

Now proceed to prepare the ice cream liquid. pour the milk into a suitable pot and put it on the oven. Wait for the milk to boil. After it boils, reduce the heat. Now it’s time to add rose water and brewed saffron to the contents of the pot. Stir the ingredients well to combine.

The third step

Try adding more saffron to hot milk.
Although heated milk with saffron may turn the color you like, it will become lighter when it cools.

Now pour the powder and sugar into a separate container and mix well. Then add the mixture of sugar and Salep powder with a spoon to the contents of the pot.

Stir the contents of the pot well with one hand, and add sugar and Salep powder with the other hand.

Pay attention that the sugar and Salep powder dissolve well first, then add the next spoonful. Continue this until all of the mixture is dissolved in the milk. Finally, your traditional ice cream liquid will thicken a bit.

The fourth step

Now take a large bowl and fill it with ice. Empty the ice cream liquid from the pot and pour it into another container.

Note that the diameter of the ice container is larger than the ice cream container. Now you have to start stirring the ice cream liquid. We continue this work until the ice cream liquid becomes elastic.

Then for 30 minutes, you should put it in a freezer. Repeat this process (stirring and putting in the freezer) up to 5 times.

Before you put the liquid ice cream in the freezer for the last time, you should also add the cream to it.

The fifth step

Remove the cream from the tray and chop it as desired. Then add the chopped cream to the ice cream along with the pistachio slices and mix well. You can also add cardamom essence in the meantime.

Finally, put the ice cream liquid in the freezer for 2 hours. After this time, your ice cream is ready; enjoy serving!

serving bastani sonnati

Golden tips for having the best Persian Rosewater and Saffron ice cream

  • For the cream to freeze better and faster, it is better to use low-fat cream.
bastani sonnati
  • To make the cream easier to remove from the tray, you can spread the bottom of the tray with cellophane.

Nutritional value of traditional homemade ice cream

The following table shows the nutritional value of each 100 grams of homemade bastani sonnati:

Calories250 units
Fat11 grams (Depending on the ingredients, it can be more)
Sugar25 grams
ProteinAbout 4 grams
Carbohydrates25 grams
Cholesterol45 mg
Sodium80 mg
Potassium 200 mg

Having a journey in the history of Persian Saffron ice cream | bastani sonnati

You probably have this question, where did you get snow and ice at that time when there was no refrigerator?
It is an important and reasonable question, and you should know that preparing this simple dessert was challenging at that time.

People had to go to the top of the mountains. After removing the ice and snow on the top, they separated the snow below and brought it to the city in warm and cold containers with the traditional method.

Iranian saffron ice cream

After that, they mixed this clean and healthy snow with grape juice and consumed it. In the Iranian Empire, people poured grape juice on some snow in a bowl and used it as a dessert, especially when the weather was hot.

The snow is harvested from cold basements called glaciers or from the remaining snow on the mountains surrounding the summer capital, Ecbatana.

Of course, in some cities, glaciers were dug in the ground, or there were naturally such glaciers where people used ice and snow to make old Persian ice cream or cold desserts.

In Iran, ice cream was first prepared traditionally and handy under “saffron ice cream.” This ice cream was made in a double-walled container (barrel); 

In this way, milk, cream, sugar, Salep powder, and saffron were poured into the inner wall, and ice and salt were poured into the outer wall; Then, the barrel was shaken regularly to prepare the ice cream.

But today, this industry has developed a lot, and it is prepared and consumed industrially in almost all cities of Iran.

Bastani Sonnati Persian Saffron Ice Cream
Iranian saffron ice cream
Bastani Sonnati

Making ice cream was not common in Iran, and it was transferred to Iran from Europe in the 19th century and became common. 

In fact, from Naseruddin Shah’s third trip to Europe, PlombiĆØres is the name of a summer village in France where delicious ice cream was prepared, and the name PlombiĆØres (dessert), which means a type of ice cream with side dishes, originates from this city.

For many years, ice cream was offered in the same simple and milky color until around 1329, California machine ice cream came to the market, and the tastes got used to it. Later, yellow saffron ice cream also became famous.

He found his way to the kitchen of Muzaffaruddin Shah’s court, and until the end of the Qajar period, he served ice cream in the court.

After the extinction of the Qajar dynasty, Reza Shah expelled all the personnel and crew of the court, including Akbar Mashhadi Malaeri, from the court.

After this incident, Akbar Mashhadi opened his own ice cream shop near Railway Square with the money he had collected during his service in the court called Akbar Mashhadi Ice Cream Shop.

bastani wafer bowl

He believed that Iranian ice creams should completely differ from foreign ice creams. Iranians prefer more cream, rose water, and saffron in their ice creams than other preservatives.

At that time, Sometimes he goes down to a depth of 60 meters in the heart of natural glaciers to get a piece of ice.

Soon, his fame grew so much that state dignitaries and foreign ambassadors living in Tehran became Akbar Mashdi’s loyal customers.

It is said that Fakhr al-Doulah, the mother of Dr. Amini (then Prime Minister), asked Akbar Mashadi to travel to France at her expense and serve ice cream to his guests.

Akbar Mashdi died at the age of 92 due to kidney complications. The news of his death was even reflected in Iraqi and Pakistani newspapers. One of the Pakistani diplomats wrote an article in the newspaper honoring Akbar Mashdi.

Frequently Asked Questions about Iranian bastani sonnati

How long does it take time making and preparation of Bastani sonnati?

It will take about 30 minutes to prepare the ingredients of bastani sonnati and combine them, and it will take about 120 minutes to turn into the ice cream.

How to Serve Bastani Sonnati?

Bastani sonnati Sandwiches

Since traditional ice creams are served in several ways, you can also serve them like other ice creams; Some people eat them with a scoop in a bowl, and others eat them with a scoop in an ice cream cone.
There is a form of this ice cream that most Iranians like, and it is between two circle wafers.

Can the cream be removed from the homemade Bastani Sonnati recipe?

Yes, although cream is necessary for bastani sonnati, to reduce the calories of ice cream, it can be removed.


persian saffron bastani

Thank you again for being with us with an excellent, delicious, authentic Iranian persian halva recipe. Share your experiences with us, and if you have any tips to improve the bastani sonnati recipe, be sure to comment; thank you.

And finally, I would like to thank those who took the time to read this article about authentic Persian Saffron ice cream.

It is hoped that among the delicious foods of different societies, Iranian food is gaining more and more fans daily.

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