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Faloodeh recipe, Flavorful Persian dessert

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Faloodeh is an ancient Persian dessert. It is granite made of rice noodles, rose water, lime juice, and cherry syrup. This cold dessert is the best choice for hot summer days and a thirst quencher. Faloodeh is originally from Shiraz and Kerman, but you can find this popular cold dessert in all cities of Iran. This dessert contains some rice noodles that you can find it in the Asian section of your grocery store. And also you can make rice noodles at home. The recipe to make noodles is brought in this article. Follow the instructions in the Cookery Magazine so you can prepare a delicious Faloodeh.

Ingredients for Faloodeh

sugar 1 cup
water 4 cups
lime 1
Rose water2 tablespoon
starch100 grm
cherry syrupoptional

How to make Faloodeh

1- First, pour two glasses of water into a pot, add sugar, put on heat, and stir so that the sugar dissolves completely in the water. When the sugar has dissolved, the syrup will become thick.

Faloode shirazi

2- Now add rose water and stir again. Wait until the syrup boils. Then remove the pot from the heat and set it aside to cool. Pour the syrup into a metal bowl and put it in the freezer until it is completely frozen. Then we take the frozen syrup out of the freezer and put it in a blender until it becomes a powder. Then put it back into the freezer.

3- In this phase, pour the remaining water into a pot and put it on low heat until it gets hot. Add the starch to the water and stir them. Then let the water evaporate, and the starch becomes condensed. (stirring the starch should take about half an hour until the raw smell of the starch disappears due to the heat and the starch is fully cooked and thickened, and the excess water evaporates.

4- now, fill a bowl with ice cubes, pour the condensed starch into a colander (have small holes) and press the starch with a spoon. Put the bowl of ice under the colander so that the starched fall into it in the form of thin strands.

Faloodeh recipe

5-stir the noodles and ice cubes gently so they are not completely hard and flexible.

6- now, take the syrup from the freezer, add the noodles, and stir. Return the bowl to the freezer so that the faloodeh until it freezes a little, and then take it out; it is ready to serve. Remember to make this yummy cold dessert at home, especially on hot summer days.

How to serve faloodeh

You can serve Faloodeh with cherry syrup and lime. And also you can serve it with vanilla ice cream or Bastani sonnati (a traditional Persian ice cream).

How to make Faloodeh

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Faloodeh ingredients?

Sugar, water, lime, rosewater, starch, cherry syrup

Is Faloodeh a kind of ice cream?

No, It’s not, but It is a cold dessert and can be served with ice cream.

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