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koufteh Ghelgheli recipe, make wonderful Persian meatballs

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Today we are here to introduce an attractive Persian dish, Koufteh Ghelgheli or Persian meatballs. This dish is very similar to Koofteh Tabrizi, but the ingredients of koufteh Tabrizi are slightly different. It is made of herbs, rice, and cobs,.but the main ingredients of Koufteh Ghelgheli are minced meat and grated onion. This delightful dish has different recipes such as Koufteh Berenji, Koufteh Nokhodchi and Koufteh Rizeh.

Persian koofteh Ghelgheli

One of the most basic challenges in cooking meatballs is to prevent them from loosening or falling apart. With the recipe in Cookery Magazine, you can easily cook delicious and professional meatballs without fear of losing them.


Minced beef500 gram
tomato paste2 Tbsp
onion2 medium size
chickpea flour2 Tbsp
salt, pepper and turmericas needed


How to make meatballs

cooking koufteh Ghelgheli

1-First, grate one of the onions, squeeze out the water and pour the grated onion into a large bowl. Next, add minced meat to the bowl along with some salt, black pepper, turmeric and eggs.

2-Now, knead the ingredients well until the meatballs are smooth. Adding chickpea flour is only for the consistency of the meatballs, so if the meatballs are loose, add some chickpea flour to achieve sufficient consistency. You should not add too much chickpea flour to the meatballs at this stage because it will make them dry and hard. If your meatball mixture is too hard, you can mix it again with a little water.

3-after the ingredients are ready, Form round meatballs by rolling the meat between your hands and making tiny meatballs. Then put a small deep dish on the heat and pour some oil inside it so the meatballs float in the oil.

Persian meatballs

How to make the special sauce

1-While frying the meatballs, we can prepare the special sauce. First, peel the tomatoes and chop them. Then cut the remaining onion into large slices and fry it in oil until it becomes completely soft and transparent; add the tomato paste to the pan and fry well until it is completely fried.

2-After the tomato paste is fried, add chopped tomatoes to the pan along with some salt, black pepper and turmeric. In the end, add half a glass of boiling water and let the sauce become thick.

koufteh Ghelgheli

3- in the last phase of preparing Koufteh Ghelgheli,  put the meatballs slowly in the special sauce and let them taste. We can serve the meatballs after the water in the pan has completely evaporated, and the sauce becomes thick.

Important tips about cooking Koufteh Ghelgheli

1-Adding too much chickpea flour to the Koufteh Ghelgheli will make it hard and dry. If the meatball mixture is too hard, add a little water to make it consistent.

2-Do not knead the meatballs too much. Kneading the ingredients too much will make them too hard.

3-Try to prepare your meatballs in medium sizes. If the size of the meatball is too large, its core will not be cooked, and if it is too small, it will burn and dry quickly.

4-Be sure to squeeze the grated onion well so that the water extract because the water in the grated onion causes the meatballs to fall apart.

5-You can use aromatic herbs in this delicious dish; add chopped herbs(parsley, mint, cilantro) to the ingredients and mix them well for this work.

koofteh Ghelgheli

Our delicious Koufteh ghelgheli is ready. Persian people serve this popular dish with rice and fresh herbs. Also, it can be served with fresh bread or pasta. Make this recipe at home and share your experience with us.

FAQs about Koufteh Ghelgheli

is the Koufteh Ghelgheli like Koufteh Tabrizi

Yes. they are similar, but their ingredients are slightly different. The main ingredients of Koufteh Tabrizi are cooked rice, cobs, fragrant herbs and minced meat.

How many types of Persian meatballs are there?

There are different types of Persian meatballs, such as Koufteh Berenji, Koufteh Nokhodchi and Koufteh Rizeh.

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