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Moraba beh recipe | Persian quince jam, delicious Iranian marmalade in 8 steps

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Moraba beh, or Persian quince jam, is one of Iranians’ most delicious and popular jams, mostly used as breakfast like other jams. Stay with the Cookery Magazine site to learn how to cook moraba beh.

In addition to this, this delicious jam has a delicious taste, and it has a beautiful color and glaze.

Persian quince jam is usually cooked in the autumn season when the fruit is abundant in the market, and for this reason, we must follow some tips in cooking this jam so that it lasts for about a year or more.

It is interesting to know that the fruit resembles a Golden Delicious, but we can prepare its jam in a beautiful red color. 

Ingredients for making Moraba beh

Quince fruit500 grams
Cardamom powderĀ¼ teaspoon
Sugar500 grams
Lemon juice1 tablespoon
Brewed saffron1 tablespoon

* 4 glasses of water and Ā½ walnut as you wish.

Recipe for making Persian quince jam

The first step

To prepare Persian quince jam, wash the quinces, remove their skin with a sharp knife, place them on the kitchen board, cut them in half, pour the seeds into a bowl, and set aside.

cubed quinces persian beh jam

The second step

Now, we cut the quinces with a mold or knife into any model you like, pour it into a pot, preferably copper, and add six glasses of water and sugar, put the lid on the pot, and put it on high heat.

The third step

Then we reduce the heat, put a lid on the pot, and let the jam cook for 1 hour until it reaches the desired consistency.

If you want your jam to be red, you should know that it turns red during brewing and is very beautiful.

The fourth step

It is also important that the nectar of the jam becomes harder after cooling, so we should not remove the jam from the heat when it is too thick. In addition to cardamom and lemon juice, you can also use a piece of cinnamon to flavor the jam.

How to make moraba beh

The fifth step

After about 30 minutes, we remove the lid of the pot, then take the dry skin of the cardamom and add its seeds to the jam along with the brewed saffron. Now we have to ensure the jam has reached the right consistency.

The sixth step

For this purpose, we pour a drop of jam nectar into a glass of cold water; if the nectar reaches the bottom of the glass without disintegrating, it means that our jam has reached the right consistency, but if it disintegrates, the jam needs to be boiled.

The seventh step

If the moraba beh’s nectar has disintegrated, we still have to put it on the heat for another 20 to 30 minutes until it reaches the right concentration.

After the jam reaches the right consistency, add lemon juice and mix it with the jam.

The eighth step

At this stage, we close the pot lid and wait until the jam adjusts to the ambient temperature and cools down completely.

persian quince jam

Next, after the jam has cooled, pour it into glass containers and store it in the refrigerator.

Golden tips for having the best Persian quince jam

  • The jam syrup should be manageable because the jam becomes thicker after staying for a day.
  • Note that after the jam is cooked properly and reaches the desired consistency, it is better to leave it on the stove for 12 hours without removing the pot lid so that it slowly reaches the ambient temperature.
Iranian quince jam
  • Moraba Beh (Persian quince jam) will color better and become more beautiful in a copper pot, but you can also use an enamel or steel pot; the longer the quince jam cooking time is, the more colorful and red it will be.
  • You can use cardamom or vanilla bean for its appearance and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions about Persian quince jam

How to cook Persian quince jam without sugar?

Add grape juice (syrup) to cook Persian quince jam without sugar after cooking, and then let it boil again. In preparing jam with honey, you can add honey to it after the ingredients are cooked and when pouring it into the jar.

How much sugar do you need for moraba beh?

The sweetness of the moraba beh is a matter of taste, but usually, equal proportions of sugar and quince are used to prepare jam.

What should we do so that the jam does not get smashed?

To avoid smashing the jam, you should pay attention that the amount of syrup in the jam container be more than the pieces of quinces so that the fruit pieces are not crushed in the container.

My jam is too sweet; what should I do?

Separate the quinces with a little of its concentrated nectar and put it on the flame with some boiling water; after it boils a little, let it cool and mix it with the rest of the jam syrup.


Perfect quince jam

Thank you for being with us with this delicious and popular breakfast part, Persian quince jam. 

If you have any more questions, it’s my honor to answer. Enjoy your exploration of Persian cuisine!

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