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Moraba Anjir recipe | Persian fig jam, amazing traditional taste of Iran culture in 6 steps

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Moraba Anjir, or Persian fig jam, is one of the most popular and delicious jams worldwide, usually served as breakfast like other jams.

Of course, fig jam is also used in the confectionery industry. Stay with the Cookery Magazine site to see the complete step-by-step tutorial on making fig jam.

Ingredients for making Moraba Anjir

Fig1 kg
Sugar700 – 750 grams
Water1.5 glasses
Lemon juice3 tablespoons
Rosewater 2 tablespoons
Cardamom seeds or pwderAs much as needed
Cinnamon stick1 piece
Brewed saffronAs much as needed

Recipe for making Persian fig jam

The first step

To make a delicious jam with figs, first, we clean the figs and remove the excess tails; then, we wash them well, put them in a colander, and wait until their excess water comes out.

If your figs are small and uniform, you can make fig jam properly, but if you want to use large figs, it is better to chop them so that you have a mashed fig jam.

The pieces of figs are as you like, but try not to chop them too finely because they will be crushed when cooking the jam.

persian fig marmalade
moraba anjir

The second step

At this stage, we have to make the jam syrup; For this purpose, pour two glasses of water into a suitable pot.

Then we put the pot on medium heat until the water boils completely, then add sugar to the pot.

Now we slowly stir the sugar and water so that, in addition to the sugar dissolving completely, the walls of the pot don’t stick to the sugar.

persian fig jam syrup

The third step

After the sugar has completely dissolved in the water and the syrup has reached a sufficient concentration, we slowly add the figs to the pot.

The fourth step

To find out that the syrup has reached a sufficient concentration, pour a small amount into a clean and dry spoon, then let it cool.

After cooling, if the syrup is stretchy, it has reached its consistency.

The fifth step

Fig pieces should fully cook, and then add lemon juice and rose water; then, reduce the heat under the pot at this stage and let the figs cook and get softened.

After 30 minutes, add rose water to the pot with lemon juice and wait for another 5 minutes, then remove the pot from the heat.

The sixth step

After removing the jam from the heat, we wait until the jam cools down and becomes the same as the ambient temperature.

jar of moraba anjir

After the jam has cooled, pour it into a glass container with a lid, close it tightly, and store it in the refrigerator.

The importance of transparency Persian fig jam | moraba anjir

When preparing fig jam, paying attention to some crucial points is necessary. One of these things is maintaining transparency and preventing the jam from becoming cloudy.

This may seem trivial, but it can profoundly affect the product’s final quality.

Fig Jam Recipe

The most important reason that causes the color of the jam to become cloudy and turbid is that when cooking moraba anjir, we should not put the lid on the pot.

Another point is that we must collect and discard the foam on the water surface when boiling the figs.

Do we have to peel figs to cook moraba anjir?

Sometimes the most straightforward questions significantly impact the bottom line, such as whether we should peel the figs or not. When you want to make fig jam, this decision can significantly impact the process and the result.

Some people prefer to peel the figs because they think this makes the final jam smoother. But there is an important problem: this method makes the appearance of the jam change a little.

Small Batch Fig Honey Jam

The skin of figs has food fibers that help the shape and strength of the jam; therefore, keeping the skin in the preparation of fig jam helps the beauty and glossiness of the jam.

Small Batch persian Fig Honey Jam

Therefore, if the appearance of the jam is important to you, do not peel the figs at all.

Prevent figs from being smashed and crushed

In order for your fig jam not to be crushed after cooking, you should use figs with thin or cracked skin. It is better to use completely healthy figs; otherwise, they will crack and get crushed during cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions about Persian fig jam

What size figs should we use?

For fig jam, it is better to use medium-sized figs, and the figs should not be too soft or hard.

What kind of figs should we use for jam?

With this method of cooking jam, you can use yellow, green, black, or forest figs, with the difference that yellow or green figs give us a more colorful jam, but the jam recipe is different from dry figs, and this method cannot be used.


persian fig jam or moraba anjir

Thank you for being with us with this delicious and popular souvenir. If you have any more questions, it’s my honor to answer. Enjoy your exploration of Persian cuisine!

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