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Khoresht Khalal Recipe, an aromatic Persian Slivered Almond Stew

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Kermanshahian Khoresht Khalal, or Persian Slivered Almond Stew, is one of the traditional dishes of Kermanshah city and province. Travellers to Kermanshah do not go there just to visit the historical attractions of this city; Many tourists travel to this province in search of traditional Iranian food.

Khoresht Khalal and Dande Kebab are two authentic dishes of Kermanshah that attract tourists with their unique aroma and taste.

In fact, preparing this traditional and delicious food is a sign of respect that the people of Kermanshah show to their guests.

Persian Khoresht Khalal

The fame of Khoresht Khalal has gone so far that all over Iran, the general public knows Kermanshah for its Kermanshahi oil and Khoresht Khalal. Let’s cook this Delicious cuisine together in Cookery Magazine.

Ingredients for making Khoresht Khalal (Persian Slivered Almond Stew):

Stewing beef400 grams
Black or red barberry100 grams
Large Slivered almond250 grams
Limoo Amani (Persian dried lime)2
onion2 medium sizes
tomato paste2 tablespoons
Brewed saffron1 tablespoon
Rose/ the rose water4 tablespoons
salt and black pepperAs it needed
oil and turmericAs it needed

How to make Khoresht Khalal (Persian Slivered Almond Stew):

The first step:

First, after washing the meat (you can use 700 grams of chicken or turkey meat instead of red meat), put it on the kitchen board, cut it into 2 cm cubes, and keep it aside.

Persian Slivered Almond Stew

Now itā€™s time for the onions to peel and chop them finely on the kitchen board; then we put a pot on the heat, pour oil into it, and let the oil get hot. Then we put the onions into the pot and fry them.

The second step:

Then we sprinkle a little turmeric on the onions and fry them until the onions get red and golden; then we add the chopped stewed meats and fry them continuously until the color of the meats changes and the meats; then we collect the meats and surround the pot.

Now we empty the middle of the pot and pour the tomato paste in the middle, and fry for 1 minute until the raw smell is removed. Then we mix the ingredients and pour 8 glasses of boiling water on the ingredients and close the lid of the pot.

The third step:

In this step, first, we increase the heat until the water boils, and then we reduce the heat and put it on a very gentle flame so that the meats are completely cooked.

After 1 hour of cooking the stew ingredients, poke some holes in the Limoo Amani (Persian dried lime) with a fork and put them in a glass.

Then we pour water on the Limoo Amani (Persian dried lime) and leave them to soak for 1 hour.

Put the Slivered almond in a bowl, pour water to the surface, and leave them aside for 1 hour to soak and soften.

Slivered Almond Stew

The fourth step:

Drain the slivered almond for the last 15 minutes, put them in a bowl, and pour brewed saffron until they get wet, fragrant, and colorful.

Then we check on the stew and test the meat. It is most likely that the meat is fully cooked after 2 hours of cooking.

Now the slivered almond infused with saffron we pour into the stew, drain the Omani lemons, pour out the juice, and add to the stew along with barberry, rose, pepper, and a little salt and let the stew well cooked.

The fifth step:

The important thing about the Khoresht Khalal is that this stew is served like celery stew with less water.

When the Khoresht Khalal becomes well cooked, we take the pot off the heat, pour the Persian slivered almond stew into a dish, and eat it with Persian rice. Also, you can serve it along with Doogh as a beverage.


In the end, it can be concluded that whenever you have an Iranian or Asian guest, especially from Kermanshah, one of the original dishes on your colorful tables could be Khoresht Khalal (Persian Slivered Almond Stew).

Khoresht Khalal

And finally, I would like to thank those who took the time to read this article about Khoresht Khalal (Persian Slivered Almond Stew). It is hoped that among the delicious foods of different societies, Iranian food is gaining more and more fans daily.

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