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Dried fruit | Iranian Miveh Khoshk, dried your fruits in 4 ways

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Dried fruit is one of the most popular and best types of dry goods, which is obtained by dehydrating fresh and juicy fruits

If you visit any house these days, you will come across wide trays of various fruits that are exposed to the sun to dry.

In addition to having a special and unique taste, the dry type of fruit has a much longer shelf life than its fresh type, be with Cookery Magazine for amazing information. 

It retains many of the benefits and properties of the fruit, such as vitamins, calories, and sugar, for use throughout the year.

Fruits play a critical role in human life. Apart from the pleasure of eating them, the human body needs vitamins and nutrients that can be provided by eating all kinds of fruits.

What is dried fruit?

Dried fruit is a fruit that has lost all its water due to drying. In fact, dried fruits become smaller by losing water, but their sugar and calorie content is much higher than fresh fruits.

Dried fruit in jar

Dried fruit is rich in fiber, minerals, and various vitamins necessary for the body, so consuming various dried fruits in the daily schedule as a snack can guarantee the health of the body.

History of dried fruit

Due to their sweet taste, nutritional value, and long shelf life, dried fruits are a popular tradition dating back thousands of years, and in the 4th millennium BC, people dried grapes and dates to preserve them for a long time.

Dried grapes, which we also call raisins, are one of the most important and well-known types of dried fruit.

To know the history of dried fruit, we have to go back to the time of early humans. When our ancestors were hunters who searched for food in nature. 

It was at this time that humans discovered sun-dried figs that fell from trees and quickly became a popular delicacy due to their sweet taste.

Which Dried Fruits Are Good for Diabetics

Dried fruit has a Mediterranean origin, and the first dried fruits discovered include raisins, figs, and dates.

This delicious food, quickly and throughout history, opened its way to the meals of aristocratic and ordinary people.

dried fruits nuts seeds for diabetes

Another reason why dried fruit became a popular food was its long shelf life. For this reason, when it was difficult to obtain fresh food (such as during the war), the use of dried fruit became very popular among people.

There are records that Iranian and Arab cultures used dried apricots more than a thousand years ago. In North America, cherries and blueberries were dried to sustain people on long journeys in the 19th century. 

Today, these nutrients are not only consumed only in winter but also it has been added to the food basket of many people around the world as useful snacks.

It should be said that with the appearance of the first fruit-drying machine in 1960, a revolution in this field took place, and many industrialists went towards the professional and mass production of this beloved product.

This process became more intense with the introduction of government support during the years 1983 to 2000 until today, the amount of liquidity in this field has increased, and many fans and enthusiasts are buying and selling all kinds of dried fruits in the world every day.

What fruits can be dried?

A high percentage of fruits can be dried, but the most famous dried fruits are raisins, currants, white berries, figs, peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, apples,
quinces, mangoes, etc.

Making a case for dried fruits in every healthful diet

How many calories are dried fruit?

In most cases, the calories of dried fruits are much higher than fresh fruits, and on average, there are 264 calories of energy per 100 grams of dried fruits.

In the table below, we have prepared the calorie intake of some dry fruits for you so that you can focus more on your calorie intake.

Calorie intake from 10 grams of dried fruit

Plums: 22 calories
Apricot: 22 calories
Peaches: 22 calories
Pear: 24 calories
Apple: 22 calories
Banana: 53 calories
Kiwi: 38 calories
Tangerine: 35 calories

The first dried fruit in human history

Dried figs, raisins, and dried dates are among the first dried fruits in history, which have been one of the main parts of human food even thousands of years before Christ.

Healthy Pure and Delicous Dried Fruits

These products were noticed due to falling from trees and drying on the ground, and because of their sweet taste and nutritious aspect, they were included in the human food consumption chain.

The importance of dried fruit in holy books

The importance of dried fruit is so great that even in some holy books such as Quran, Torah, and Bible, names such as fig, date, and raisin are mentioned, and in the inscriptions of past civilizations, traces of dried nutrients, especially fruits, can be found.

Types of dried fruits and their properties

As mentioned, many different fruits are dried and stored and used as dried fruits. Each of these types of dried fruit has its own properties and benefits.

In the following, we are going to introduce some of the most popular types of dried fruits so that you can get to know them and their properties.

1: Dried apple

One of the most well-known and best fruits in the world, which we all know and there are few people who do not like it, is apple.

Apple is one of the fruits that can be dried, and it is one of the best foods for digestion. Apple is usually recommended for people who are looking to lose weight.

Complete Guide to Dehydrating Apples

Dried apple is also effective in producing neurotransmitters, lowering blood pressure, detoxification, and reducing the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease.

2: Dried orange

Orange, which we all know as a source of vitamin C, is another popular fruit that has many benefits when dried.

Dried oranges are rich in antioxidants and various vitamins, the most important property of which is to increase heart health.

Dried orange Garnishes

Vitamin C in orange prevents the absorption of free radicals and the closing of blood vessels by fat.

Dried oranges are also effective in the transfer of oxygen and nutrients in cells, better blood supply, heart failure, and improving and strengthening heart muscles.

dried fruit nutrition

3: Dried kiwi

dried kiwi

Dried kiwi is another well-known dry fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants and strengthens our immune system several times.

The vitamin C of this fruit is twice that of an orange, and it is also very important in absorbing iron.

Iron deficiency, especially in women, may cause a lack of concentration, depression, or even physical weakness.

4: Raisins

Raisins can easily be considered the most famous and well-known dried fruit, which is the same grape that is dried in different ways and causes the creation of different types of raisins.

Raisins contain a lot of fiber and potassium, and there are many other nutrients in it.

Eating different raisins can reduce the effects of diabetes and heart diseases in your body, and daily consumption can also reduce blood sugar and cholesterol in the body.

Kilis Black Raisin

5: Dried berries

dried berries

Dried berries are one of the most popular types of dried fruit that are used. 

Resveratrol is a very important type of flavonoid that is abundantly found in dried berries and directly affects the functioning of certain mechanisms in blood vessels and reduces the possibility of angiotensin, which is the cause of the narrowing of blood vessels. 

In fact, resveratrol dilates blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart attack in people.

Is dried fruit fattening?

Yes, dried fruit loses its water in the drying process, and as a result, the amount of sugar in it increases drastically.

For this reason, excessive consumption of dried fruit can be fattening. The fattening rate of dried fruit varies depending on the fruit it is made from.

For example, the fattening rate of dried bananas is much higher than the fattening rate of dried plums, kiwi, or other fruits of this type.

What are the benefits of consuming dried fruits?

As you know, the human body needs a lot of minerals and vitamins during the day, and in order to receive these substances, each person should eat fruits 2-3 times a day.

Also, dried fruit is very effective for slimming and weight loss. Of course, if consumed in moderation. Because the calories of dry fruit are higher than fresh fruit.

Today, dried fruit has become a delicious and beloved snack among all age groups. Even athletes use dried fruit to renew energy and lose weight.

First Slider dried fruits

You may be interested to know that one of the benefits of dry fruit is weight loss. Of course, on the condition that you pay attention to the calories of dried fruit.

Excessive consumption of some dry fruits will increase weight. Dried fruit is also effective for weight loss, provided that it replaces sugar and unhealthy snacks.

But due to the fact that the variety of fruits decreases in the cold seasons of the year, many people refuse to eat fruits, so to solve this problem, it is better to dry or freeze your favorite fruits in the summer than throughout the year you can use them.

Dried fruit plays an important role in:

  • controlling diabetes,
  • fitness and bone strengthening,
  • improving digestive function and
  • improving digestive system function,
  • preventing diseases such as constipation,
  • heart health, preventing premature aging,
  • strengthening the body’s immune system and
  • reducing the risk of depression and
  • It has a cure for Alzheimer’s,
  • It has a cure for anemia and many other diseases.

Since dried fruit is made from fruit, we can say that it will carry all the properties of the fruit it is taken from, except for minerals and water-soluble vitamins.

dried fruits miveh khoshk

The reason for this problem is the loss of water in the fruit during the drying process and, subsequently, the loss of water-soluble substances.

Harms of dried fruit

Do you think dried fruit is harmful? If we want to be honest about the harm of dried fruit, we must say yes.

Everything in this world that is consumed regularly and correctly does not cause any problems for people to use, but it is necessary to mention that if we consume too much of the best foods, we will definitely have problems; The same applies to dried fruits.

Due to the small volume and deliciousness of this product, you may not pay due attention while consuming it and suffer problems such as increased sugar and calories and decay of your teeth.

But we repeat again that if you use dried fruits on time and in useful amounts, you will not face any problems.

  • Due to excessive use, there is a possibility of heart problems.
  • Substances such as sulfites cause respiratory problems and allergies.
  • Due to high calories, there is a possibility of gaining weight.
  • High sugar content of the product increases the risk of diabetes.

The danger of poisoning with dried fruits

Dried fruit may contain sulfites and be contaminated with fungi and toxins.

Some manufacturers add a preservative called sulfite to dried fruit; this makes the dried fruit more attractive because it preserves the color and glaze of the fruit and prevents its color change.

Home Freeze Drying fruits

Sulfite is often added to brightly colored fruits such as apricots and raisins. Some people may be sensitive to sulfite and suffer from problems such as stomach spasms, skin rashes, and asthma attacks.

To prevent sulfite poisoning, try to buy only brown or gray dried fruits that have not been dried with mineral fertilizers and chemicals.

Also, dried fruits that are stored in inappropriate places may be contaminated with fungi, aflatoxins, and other toxic compounds.

What is the advantage of dried fruit over fresh fruit?

One of the most important advantages of dried fruit compared to fresh fruit is its storage time, which means you can store dried fruit for several months and even years without refrigeration.

Another positive point of dried fruits is the amount of space they occupy, so dried fruits need less space for storage as they lose water.

What is the difference between dried fruits and fresh fruits?

In fact, dried fruits have the same nutritional value as fresh fruits, but the significant difference they may have is in the amount of caloriessugar, and vitamin C that is, vitamin C decreases to a large extent with drying, but the sugar and calories of dried fruit It is much more than fresh fruit.

some dry fruits

With what methods can we prepare high quality dried fruits at home?

Drying fruits is a simple and affordable way to make them available in all seasons.

To dry the fruits, you must first wash them with cold water and dry them. Then, depending on the type of fruit, choose the appropriate method and go through the steps.

By choosing the right method, fruits can be kept dry without losing their vitamins and properties. It is very easy to dry fruits at home.

1. The first method is drying the fruit under sunlight

The oldest method of drying fruits is exposing them to the sun. In this method, you have to wash the fruits well, then cut them in half or slice them, put them on a basket or tray, and put them in direct sunlight for about three days.

From two days, let the continuation of the drying process in the shade be completed. This will prevent the fruit from turning black to a large extent.

sun dried fruit

2. The second method is drying the fruit in the oven

Another common method of drying fruit is drying using an oven.

In this method, you should place the pieces of fruits that you have washed in advance in the oven tray with a distance and, turn on the oven with medium heat, and let the fruits dry gradually, but be careful and pay attention that in this method, it is better to leave the oven half open.

drying food in oven

3. The third method is drying the fruit with a fruit dryer

The use of a fruit drying machine, which is more popular today and has gained more fans due to its higher quality than the previous methods, in this method, fruit juice evaporates slowly and with very low heat.

Depending on the type of fruit and the type of fruit drying machine, it takes 24 hours for the fruits to dry completely.

If you intend to dry a lot of fruits and vegetables, using fruit drying machines is one of the best options.

Place the fruit dryer on the fruit drying setting, and if it does not have such a setting, set it to a temperature of 57 degrees Celsius, then put the fruits in the dryer.

Fruits need 24 to 48 hours to dry in this machine, depending on the fruit and its thickness.

After the first 24 hours, keep checking the fruits to prevent them from drying out too much.

Collect dry and crunchy fruits. Dried fruits should be relatively hard because their moisture has been lost.

4. The fourth method is drying on heating devices such as heaters

In order to dry fruits on heat-generating devices such as heaters, radiators, and fireplaces, this can be done.

drying the fruit with a fruit dryer

Sometimes, we put an aluminum foil on our device so that our fruits don’t stick to it.

We spread our fruits in the form of thin sheets on the foils and wait for them to dry.

Methods of storing and using dried fruit at home

The first method

Put the dried fruits in a glass container, close them tightly, and store them in the kitchen or refrigerator.

The second method

If you don’t want the moisture of the fruits to be completely removed, put them in a plastic container and, close it, and keep it in the refrigerator. 

Dried Fruit Tasty Food Dehydrator Recipes

Be careful that fruits that have moisture should be consumed in a shorter period of time because they are more likely to spoil.

You can use dried fruits as a complete snack, or you can use them in different dishes.

Ways to Make Your House Smell Like Fall

Some dry fruits such as apples, apricots, peaches, plums, and pears can be rehydrated and moistened by soaking in warm or slow boiling water and then used.

How can we prevent dried fruit from turning black?

Some fruits, such as apples, pears, due to the iron they contain, and bananas, due to the potassium they contain, turn black during drying. 

To avoid this, you should add a few drops of lemon juice or pineapple juice during drying Or pour other citrus juice on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other names of dried fruits?

Dried fruit is also called fruit chips.

What year does the history of dried fruit go back to?

Pictures and archeological works show that since thousands of years before Christ, there has been drying of fruit in old ways and dried figs and raisins are produced.


Thank you for being with us with this delicious and popular souvenir. If you have any questions, it’s my honor to answer. Enjoy your exploration of Persian cuisine!

Many dried fruits available in the market are dried with sulfur dioxide, sugar, and other additives for better color before packaging, which can be harmful to the health of the body, so try to prepare dried fruits yourself as we teach you in the article.

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